How Chatbots Are Being Used To Improve eCommerce?

Chatbots are the entities that help boost the engagement rate. They are favorable on eCommerce websites as they ensure an increase in sales volume. A website chatbot has the capability of remembering individual visitors. The chatbot helps to remember whether visitors have saved item(s) in their cart. That said, the chatbot prompts the visitor with a message showing updates. 

In this regard, a custom chatbot comes with myriads of AI-based capabilities. They work for the delivery of context-based or intent-based personalization. It satisfies customers, thus improving the experience. Integrated with LUIS API, custom chatbots offer a personalized conversation with customers. To learn more about custom chatbots in Australia check out OracleCMS.

Ways to improve eCommerce

Facebook Chatbot

A Facebook chatbot is also referred to as a Facebook messenger bot. It works as an AI program integrated by Facebook. That said, AI bot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning. The aim is to draw an analysis of human behaviors. It gives new ways to improvise responses. 

A Facebook chatbot is very helpful as this equip broader techniques to mimic human intelligence. The Facebook chatbot allows generating new sales while retaining existing ones. E-commerce touchpoint with chatbot marketing gives a boost to the eCommerce business.

User Acquisition

User acquisition proves to be the most crucial part of eCommerce. The entity allows a business to contact the end-users. It can give website traffic, and new users’ access to conversion optimization. Automating tasks can escalate website traffic and user acquisition.

Live Chat

More real-time support than traditional live chat experience is an excellent approach. The chatbot works with the modern-day eCommerce sphere. That said, AI chatbots allow businesses to cut down the hefty cost which are spent on traditional live chat software. eCommerce messenger bot offers a better live chat experience and eradicates errors, and guarantees precise data handling. Live-chat integration is a prominent remedy in sales generation.

With 13 chats, for instance, you don’t really have to make a choice as they offer both live chat and Facebook chatbot options within a single platform.

Content Marketing

Influential phenomenon brings plenty of organic traffic. The aim is to help eCommerce websites drive some qualified users to the eCommerce site. AI-powered content marketing allows automation in several aspects. 

More personalized ways ensure improvement in engagement. The chatbot allows interaction with the users searching for precise content. It makes use of smart filtering for reinforcing a particular content. It allows boosted general marketing strategies.

Social Media Traffic

Facebook chatbot works on live chat support. It guarantees to support the generation of leads from the Facebook page. Facebook live chat on the eCommerce website allows sending communications easily. It does everything in a micro-personalized manner.

Lead Generation

E-commerce businesses use protocols for driving customer acquisition. It does so through a follower on Facebook and Instagram. The promotion of blog posts is witnessing huge engagement. Depending on the content’s quality, it sees huge engagement with the bot subscribers. Lead capture starts from the engagement activities like comments and sharing. Related conversation through the messenger is an essential part of the chatbot approach.

Conversion Optimization

In the eCommerce landscape, it helps diagnose relevant problems. The entity offers recommendations that are relevant for the websites. The chatbot works to identify the issue. Based on that, it sends appropriate content to give the remedial approach. Guides, tutorials, video instructions, and chatbots function to engage with the business.

Guided Selling

Customers are vulnerable to getting distracted and leaving the site without purchasing stuff. AI-powered chatbot works as a useful asset in the digital landscape. It is suitable for offering a guided eCommerce shopping experience. It works as the point for identifying the customer need. It does so with questions and quizzes, thus guaranteeing the immediate recommendation.


Lead collection and data analysis ensure chatbots guarantee a good conversion rate. It does so with the upselling and cross-selling related products. AI-based product recommendations for eCommerce websites and mobile apps make it favorable. A better resolution associated with the platform guarantees fast-speed processing of the data. Micro-personalized product recommendation is the most helpful bot in eCommerce landscape. It ensures analysis of the order histories.

Wrap up

Chatbots guarantee boosting the business’s existing marketing strategies that ensure improved lead generation. Optimized relevant responses ensure proper guidance in the eCommerce sphere. 

It works better for products and services that are better over manual search or interest. eCommerce chatbot boosted engagement with an increased 10-30% of eCommerce revenues. Besides, access to Upselling drives approximately 4% of total online sales. 

The e-commerce market is evolving and working with the adoption of chatbots. It also comes with the Auto interaction tools “Chatbots.” The chatbots work as a vital part of the online and offline experience. It plays a role in impacting sales while leveraging surplus marketing benefits. 

These days, progressive brands rely on chatbots to guarantee faster responses. The chatbots also guarantee improved customer service. Besides, it gives accumulated customer data and a high-end buyer experience. So, it’s time to grab the golden opportunity to guarantee escalated e-commerce business.

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