How Can ADA Compliance Improve Your Business?

Believe it or not, many US businesses are still having a hard time following some of their legal responsibilities to make sure they are complying with American Disability Act (ADA). And according to several laws decided by the US courts, your business will only be compliant if this is accessible to clients with various types of disabilities. A CASp inspection (Certified Access Specialist) is one of the essential steps to make sure that you’re on a great start. This inspection is to protect vigilant business owners from possible lawsuits. 

How Knowing The Law Can Help Your Business

A lot of business companies (especially those starting) can learn that an ADA accessibility has been approved to make sure that all barriers are cleared and made public whether it’s goods, information, services, and programs. One example is the communication barrier. If an information cannot be accessed by someone with disabilities (sensory, visual, reading, and intellectual), this needs to be revised as this is a communication barrier. This could pave a way to creating an alternative way of communication to take care of those with visual impairment. 

Partner with ADA Compliance Pros to Know the Right Solutions 

In the case of serving better anyone coming to your business for help, you may come up with other types of documents like braille, audio recording, 508 compliant WCAG 2.0 AA websites, files that they could download in their devices and adjust it to their vision, or simply provide documents with larger prints. 

Those who are completing their building in construction industries would best undergo the CASp inspection to be a qualified defendant. This inspection will give your business the ability to:

  1. A site visit for a survey to be conducted by a Certified Access Specialist (CASp)
  2. A report stating accessibility findings whether all is met of some need to be corrected
  3. Photos as part of the findings documentation
  4. CASp Certificates issued by the California Division of State Architects
  5. Complete legal rights and benefits found in SB 1608 and 1186
  6. A one on one talk with a specialist to explain the findings and address your questions

Get in touch with a lawyer or ADA Compliance Pros to be protected and to know your company’s accountabilities to be compliant. 

Your Business Growth Depends on your ADA Compliance

Today, there are more than 57% of the population with disabilities. Either they have hearing challenges or visual impairment. Several of them may one day soon visit your office and you need to be prepared; for your business and more important, for them. 

  • Emulsify your way of customer service and make sure that your business reaches the right customers and when we say reach, this means attract them by preparing in all service areas.
  • Feature your ADA accessibility – it’s attractive to prospective customers!
  • Those who are just starting as small business will have the opportunity to get $15,000 annual text credit from the federal government if you are an ADA compliant. This will help you at the same time to deal with any barrier such as communication barriers.

It’s high time to focus on the improvement and the profitability of your business. Work towards completing the ADA Compliance. 

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