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We decided to give the company’s services a try to see what this new business model offers, and we were not disappointed. Between blazingly fast speeds, a model that lets you choose exactly what you need along with a wide range of features, Heficed presents a valuable tool for savvy web developers and businesses looking to host some of their processes and services online.

Cloud hosting

Pros and cons


– Get the online bandwidth you need with flexible IP routing and blocking services

– Maintain dedicated IP banks and run your applications from wherever you are most efficient

– Pay only for what you need with flexible and easily scalable payment plans and IP blocking options

– Enjoy a 99.9% guarantee on delivered packages when you subscribe to the company’s SLA services

– Easily start a white label business with Heficed’s excellent reseller and partner solutions

– Choose from a variety of dedicated cloud solutions that reduce hardware needs, limit costs, and keep you flexible

– Choose from up to 2,045 IPs that are blacklisted free for your apps, business sites, and more

– Manage your IP services easily through Heficed Terminal and its exclusive API.


– The company’s plans are not immediately clear and are not hosted in the traditional sense.

– Heficed services are more applicable for expert web developers.

– No cPanel or other standard control panel makes it difficult to manage your websites.

Prices and payment methods

Unlike many of its hosting competitors, one of Heficed’s strongest advantages is that it is priced for both flexibility and scalability. Our Heficed review rolled across the company’s multiple offerings, and we were pleased to see the company present subscribers with multiple options.

The company’s most basic service, Switch, gives you the ability to lease and change IP addresses as needed from a fully functional admin panel. The price in this case is à la carte, since your payments will vary depending on the IP you are trying to lease.

Additionally, Heficed’s Krono Cloud infrastructure provides you with a variety of IP resources to manage and scale applications and websites. Thanks to its full hardware virtualization, you can build servers that include full root access and a variety of features. Plans start at $ 20 per month for a Linux or Windows based cloud server.

If you need a more resilient solution, you can select the company’s Proto Compute plan, which gives you dedicated cloud-based servers. Proto Compute servers start at $ 110 a month and vary depending on the technical requirements you find. Heficed Connect plans offer similar offerings, but give you an impressive combined 100 Gbps traffic, as well as connections through all major ISPs to speed up your traffic. These plans are also a la carte and allow you to pay as you go.

Finally, Heficed offers reseller programs that allow you to offer fully managed white label IP and cloud server solutions for your customers. The company’s reseller plans start at $ 250 per month, but can range up to $ 15,000 depending on your needs and level of reseller.

Easy to use

Although we found that Heficed offers an excellent solution for companies looking for more flexible hosting, it is definitely aimed at professional web developers and larger companies. Instead of standard hosting plans, Heficed allows you to build your own virtual servers and ecosystems directly in the company’s data centers. This way, instead of hosting, you pay for the IP addresses you are using, as well as the blocks you have to route traffic.

If you are a power user, Heficed dedicated servers are incredibly easy to use thanks to its variety of great developer tools. These include features like full root access to your cloud servers, support for both IPv4 and IPv6, and a fully integrated terminal to manage all your IP addresses. You can also easily scale any of your plans to match your bandwidth requirements, as well as reduce your ability to save money when not in use.

Loading times and reliability

Due to the company’s unique architecture, Heficed provides excellent uptime and can route your traffic to ensure you achieve the best possible load times. The company’s IP-based services, unlike full servers, mean you can always redirect your IP traffic for the best possible speeds. Additionally, Heficed works with several of the largest ISPs in the world, as well as various regional IP registries, which means that the IPs supplied by the company tend to be whitelisted and optimized.

An important factor for us when examining hosting services is their reliability, as downtime can drive users away. If you sign up for the company’s SLA plans, Heficed guarantees 99.9% package delivery and uptime. After several months of testing all the company’s services and exploring its different geolocations, the company easily fulfilled its guarantee.


During our expert review of Heficed, we noted that while the platform is easy to use, its features appear to be tailor-made for seasoned web professionals and developers. All of the company’s plans give you multi-regional support for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, giving you flexibility to host your services and applications. Additionally, you can change your geographic location upon request, as well as change your WHOIS information, adding a layer of security and privacy to your website.

One of the most intriguing features we discovered is Heficed’s ability to create custom routing rules, allowing you to optimize what types of traffic flow through the available pipes. This allows you to create faster services and offload non-essential traffic from your main servers. We were also pleased to see that cloud servers include full root access, as well as easy scalability – you can add or reduce the number of IP addresses you are using with one click. If you choose Protos services, you can also select your operating system, as well as create a web interface to manage your services. Finally, the Heficed API means that you can integrate your server administration into whatever application you are already using to build and manage your website.

Customer Support

Especially for services as complex as Heficed, it is important to have quality customer service available. This is one area where the company could improve its offerings considering that it does not currently offer a dedicated support channel such as chat or phone. We were impressed with the quality of the content in the company’s knowledge center, which features several helpful guides, tutorials, and articles that can solve most of your problems. You can also communicate with the company through a support ticket, although that channel is mainly used for sales inquiries. Overall, we’d like to see Heficed offer more real-time support.


Overall, we found Heficed to be an intriguing service if you are looking for a much more customizable and scalable hosting and server solution. While the company ignores the standard plans that most companies provide, its IP leasing and routing tools help you build the exact server and online infrastructure you need to support the best possible website or web application.

We loved the company’s advanced features, including the ability to redirect IP traffic, access to IP whitelists, and the blazing-fast speeds that come with such a malleable solution. While we’d like to see the company offer more real-time support, Heficed is still a great option if you need a highly customizable and scalable online infrastructure tool.

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