Have You Got Trouble in Motorcycle Accidents? The May firm Can Help You

Have You Got Trouble in Motorcycle Accidents? The May firm Can Help You

It is wonderful fun riding a motorcycle most of the time. But, when there is an accident, the injuries can be life-threatening and have life-altering consequences. When the accident is not your fault but caused by another driver’s carelessness, you need them to be held financially responsible. Often, it takes good legal help to get the financial compensation needed to get back on your feet again.

The May Firm Can Help

The May Firm is a well-established law firm that helps people who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. They have been helping their clients get justice for 22 years. This law firm has lawyers who are motorcycle riders, so they understand why people ride and the dangers on the road. Because these lawyers are passionate about serving their motorcycle riding clients, they will their best to get a good outcome for every motorcycle accident victim. 

After a motorcycle accident, it is very important to get medical attention immediately. Get checked out even if injuries don’t manifest themselves right away. Getting prompt medical attention is important for your health and recovery, and seeking care immediately is important for building an injury case to get compensation. There will be far-reaching effects from the accident, including your injuries, property damage, loss of wages, and physical and emotional suffering.

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When choosing a law firm to represent you after a motorcycle accident, there are considerations to make/

1. Specialization

Choose a law firm such as the May Firm that specializes in motorcycle accidents. They will have the kind of experience you need to get the best outcome.

2. Ask About Their Success Rate

Don’t be afraid to ask about a law firm’s success rate, experience, and client referrals. You want a firm with a proven success rate.

3. Ask About How Cases Are Handled and What Personal Attention You Can Expect

Ask if the attorney will be working extensively on the case or if they will have paralegals doing most of the work. How often will they talk to you about the progress of your case?

4. What Will the Plan Be to Represent You

Does the law firm have an established, proven plan for representing motorcycle accident victims? How will they deal with insurance companies to negotiate settlements or go to court on their client’s behalf? They must be willing to go to trial if necessary.

5. Talk to An Attorney Soon After Your Accident

Don’t wait to contact an attorney after your accident. Most states have a limited amount of time for victims to file lawsuits. This statute of limitations can be two years or less. The attorneys need time to negotiate with the insurance company and, if needed, prepare a lawsuit.

6. What Will The Cost Be?

Ask about what the law firm will charge to represent you and when these fees will be due. The May firm lawyers offer a free initial consultation and do not get paid until the case is settled or won in court. But, it is important to know in advance how the costs will be determined. Will the law firm get a percentage of the settlement? Do they charge additional fees for services?

When you find a lawyer that feels right, talk to them about what you expect and need from them. They will help you determine the viability of your case and the chances of winning a settlement or court case, depending on your story and the facts of the accident.

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