Edgewonk Review | Trading Journal for Active Swing and Day Traders?

What do the most successful traders and investment managers have in common? They all agree on the importance of analyzing your trading habits.

It’s crucial to reflect on your past trades, pinpointing why some were profitable and, even more importantly, understanding why others didn’t work out. By doing this, you can learn from your missteps and steer clear of them in the future.

Now, you might be wondering how to go about this effectively. The answer is simple – get yourself the best trading journal.

A trading journal is a fantastic tool that allows you to record your trading activities and, ultimately, enhance your performance in the market.

You could try using MS Excel for this task, but let’s be honest. It takes a lot of tweaking and manual input to get it just right.

That’s where a specialized tool like Edgewonk comes in handy.

What is Edgewonk?

Stumbling upon this Edgewonk review shows that you’re already thinking creatively and exploring new ways to up your trading game.

Edgewonk isn’t your ordinary trading software – it’s a digital trading journal crafted by the folks at Quantum Trade Solution. Its main goal is to help traders monitor their habits and scrutinize their trading behavior.

It takes the trading data you provide and guides you toward becoming a more effective trader. This platform lets you fine-tune your strategy, enhance its performance, and gain a much-needed confidence boost.

How Does Edgewonk Work?

To begin, you’ll need to import your trading data. The good news is that the platform is compatible with nearly every trading software.

We’re talking about cTrader, Interactive Brokers, MetaTrader 4, NinjaTrader 7 and 8, Saxobank, generic Excel imports, and much more.

Once you’ve uploaded your data, Edgewonk analyzes your trading behavior to produce an in-depth analysis.

Features of Edgewonk

Let’s dive into the heart of this platform – its features. Apart from being a well-organized trading journal, this platform also boasts a range of advanced functionalities.

Here are some of the most notable ones:

1)  Entry/Exit Optimization

After uploading your trade information, the software gets to work on analyzing it. From there, it generates an enhanced strategy for timing your entries and exits.

It then carries out the due diligence of suggesting the types of orders to use, where to place your stop orders, and more. The goal is to boost your success rate.

For instance, you’re a cautious trader who sets stops too close to orders, causing you to lose money as you get shaken out of many potentially profitable trades.

When you identify a pattern in your trade data, Edgewonk offers investment advice like widening your stops or showing you how to optimize them.

2)  Trade Simulator

We can’t talk about the features of this trading journal and ignore its trade simulator feature. Once you input a statistically meaningful sample of trades, you can run simulated scenarios and portfolios. It is useful for backtesting purposes.

It allows you to see what outcomes you would have achieved if you had traded based on specific signals, time frames, and more.

Testing your strategy in various scenarios helps you understand its robustness, informing you whether it can withstand market shocks or succeed in different circumstances.

3) Advanced Trading Classifiers

One element that sets Edgewonk trading journal apart is its Advanced Trade Data tab and the classifiers it offers.

When you input your trade data, the system examines macro events and other significant patterns around the trade time.

For instance, a speech by an influential market figure like the US President or the Chairman of the FED, a central bank Governor, corporate earnings, or global trade wars could all be factors.

4)  Holding Time Analysis and Trade Management Evaluation

Our Edgewonk review wouldn’t be thorough without touching on the holding time analysis and trade management evaluation features. The holding time analysis feature shows you how the duration of a trade influences performance.

Conversely, Trade Management Evaluation offers insights into your profits and losses as an active trader.

While you can achieve success without utilizing these features, they provide an extra layer of sophistication to your trading strategy.

Edgewonk Pricing

Edgewonk has one membership plan that costs $169 per year. With this plan, you can use the trading journal, trade simulator, and equity graph.

You’ll also have access to remarkable statistics and tools to check how well you’re doing in trading. You can use our Edgewonk coupon code to save 10% off your yearly subscription.

Pros of Edgewonk

  • Monitor your trading progress
  • Benefit from trading data analysis
  • Enhance your trading habits
  • Test your strategy in various situations
  • Budget-friendly with a single payment

Cons of Edgewonk

  • Needs extensive data for valuable analysis
  • Not the best option for long-term investors

Is Edgewonk Worth It for Swing and Day Traders?

In a nutshell, Edgewonk is a robust and all-encompassing trading platform that provides an array of tools and resources to analyze and enhance trading performance.

This trading journal may not be a perfect fit for everyone due to its price and complexity. But it’s a strong contender for active swing traders, day traders, and professional traders looking to level up their trading game.

The platform’s customizable trading journal, trade simulator, and equity graph are valuable resources for monitoring your progress and pinpointing improvement areas.

Plus, its advanced features, such as the trade planner and custom statistics, can assist traders in optimizing their performance and reaching their objectives.

If you’re genuinely committed to boosting your trading performance, Edgewonk is worth a deeper dive. Click here to sign up for Edgewonk and see how the platform can help you accomplish your trading ambitions.

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