Does Malta Allow Dual Citizenship?

Not all states allow their residents to have documents from other regions. Before applying for the status of a citizen of another republic, it is necessary to clarify this information and avoid canceling the native document.

Overview of Dual Citizenship in Malta

Foreigners whose identity documents are not sufficiently strong seek to obtain a similar document outside their home country. One of the fastest ways is citizenship by investment in other countries. The authorities offer several ways to become a full member of the region. More than 20 years ago, malta dual citizenship became possible.

Acquiring Dual Citizenship in Malta

Those wishing to become a document holder of this state should be aware of the options for realizing this idea. Malta citizenship is available in the following ways:

  • by descent;
  • naturalization;
  • marriage;
  • in exchange for financial contributions.

Each method has its conditions, so the Immigrant Invest Vladlena Baranova expert recommends familiarizing yourself with all possible options in detail and choosing the most suitable one.

Citizenship by Birth or Descent

Children whose father or mother had a Maltese passport obtained in any possible options, except for participation in financial algorithms, receive the status. The actual place of birth does not matter. This law also applies to adopted children.

If you are a direct heir of a Maltese ancestor, you may also qualify for citizenship status. Former citizens of the region can also apply for a malta dual passport.

Citizenship by Marriage

Marriage to a local resident is also a basis for obtaining the status. The law applies not only to heterosexuals but also to same-sex couples. The main condition is that the application can be submitted no earlier than five years after the marriage.

Widows and widowers can also apply for the status if they were legally married at the time of the death of their Maltese spouse.

Citizenship by Naturalization

Foreigners who have resided in the state for more than five years may apply for citizenship status. The law provides the following requirements for the candidate:

  • 18 years of age or older;
  • permanently resided in the region for one year before submitting the application form;
  • has been a resident of the state for 4 years in addition to the previous one.

In addition, applicants must pass language and history exams and law. Prove that they have a place to live in the region, have sufficient income to support themselves, and provide references from two local sponsors.

Citizenship by Investment

Malta citizenship by investment does not mean receiving the document immediately after paying the fees. Applicants first receive a residence permit, and only after 12 or 36 months, they can apply for the status, depending on the invested amount.

Applicants are thoroughly vetted; they must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. No wanted persons or criminal records.
  2. Not be on the sanctions list. 
  3. No visa refusals from countries that have signed a visa-free agreement with Malta.
  4. Have a stable and legal income.

In addition to the lead applicant, the application is allowed to include relatives: spouses, children, and the older generation of their family.

The main step of the algorithm is to make investments. Candidates must make financial payments in three areas:

  • public foundation;
  • charitable organization;
  • real estate.

It is important to note that the investor must make financial transactions in all three areas!

The minimum amount of contributions to the national fund is 600 thousand euros. This allows you to qualify for the status after three years. If the investor wants to speed up the process, he will need to pay 750 thousand euros. In this case, he can claim the relevant document after a year of stay in the state. If the application is submitted from a family, then for each additional candidate, the lead applicant needs to pay another 50 thousand euros. A cosmopolitan must transfer 10 thousand euros to donate to the charity fund. 

The last stage of investment is the apartments. They can be bought or rented. The rented object’s cost should be 16 thousand euros annually to avoid violating the scheme’s terms. If the candidate wishes to purchase housing, you should consider options from 700 thousand euros. An important condition for residential properties is that the lease or eligible ownership agreement must be retained for five years. 

Rights and Responsibilities of Dual Citizens in Malta

Persons holding citizenship in different states have rights and obligations to both regions. Residents of Malta have no tax benefits; however, the region is renowned for its loyal atmosphere and low rates.

Cosmopolitans have access to education in European institutions. Students are offered various scholarships and tuition discounts. Residents can receive high-level medical care.


The application can only be submitted through a licensed agent. This approach makes the process easier for the applicant and minimizes possible rejection, before applying; make sure that your state allows citizenship status in another region.

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