Do You Want to Change Badly Enough?

If yes, you have to accept criticism. You have to be willing to ask for it and accept both constructive and destructive criticism through the lenses of your self-awareness. When someone is talking behind your back it is not a criticism. Everyone has their signaling system, it is called intuition. Yet, most of us either have fully lost our intuition or have become senseless. 

Why did this happen? Because we all want to become something and meet someone’s expectations. And if your perception does not work well, others can guide or even misguide you. Therefore, it is best to discover your true self. You can awaken your perception by trying to observe the signals of people around you. Is there anything that doesn’t make you feel comfortable, a sentence, a touch, anything? 

Do you feel discomfort or even anxiety after someone behaves in a certain way? You should try to analyze and see what caused these emotions. The next step should be easier. When you already know what is the root cause, you can discuss it. Either with a psychologist or with the person who triggered your feelings and made you feel discomfort. If none of these two options work for you for any reason, you can even discuss it with yourself or jotting down your thoughts. 

When You Realize What Hurts You 

When you come to this point of realization, you will be unwilling to keep painful energies and hurt within yourself. And sometimes the other person’s reaction will be pretty weird. Some will say, they never intended to hurt you, but you never said either what they did was painful to you. Others will laugh at you and tell you arrogantly they will not change for you and it can be quite unpleasant to you. Some will not acknowledge that the language you two speak is very different. 

Some people won’t recognize or accept that you need change to happen badly… People who use their minds well, who understand things and are strong, cannot be suppressed. On the other hand, too weak or too kind people will always be suppressed. 

If you want to live in a happy relationship, you need to learn to represent yourself first. Get to know yourself to understand who could be your other half. You should understand who could complement you well and that as long as you need to be completed by someone and you cannot give anything in return, you will be dependent on the other. Chances are, you could be dependent on someone you don’t even like, or dependent on someone who hurt you or laughed at you.  

We All Have Different Values 

The too kind, too good, and too beautiful are all unbalanced. It all indicates that something is uneven, or we are uneven in something. If you have such surplus energy, you can always ask for something in return. If someone is too rough, too stupid, or is too unhealthy, it doesn’t count as valuable, but the person with such energies has to learn to trade with these in a way. These are also the parts that come with us in our relationships. 

We can’t give anything but ourselves. When you realize this, and your partner indicates that you are not kind but hurtful you need to change direction. If you love the person or want to stay in contact, you will want to change for the other. It is the essence of love that we do for the other. Of course, later we will also benefit from the fact that our partner has made us better. It is also important to look at things from both of your perspectives and meet the middle ground. 

What if your relationship or business partner doesn’t take you in a positive direction? What happens if your partner doesn’t motivate you to progress, or pulls you back to his level? It is captivity. Bondage for a lifetime. If you stay the way your life partner wants to see you, and that means your friends are reluctant to get in touch with you or invite you anywhere, then you need to make a conscious decision not to get hurt. You should ask them how they see you now and how they used to see you? 

Ask for Help While You Can

Ask for help and feedback from your acquaintances while they are still there for you, and ask for help from those who love you or have loved you. They will be your mirrors. They will be the ones who will be happy to help you if you accept them. If you’re no longer able to break out of a bad relationship, you can’t drag your family, friends, acquaintances into it, and they will probably let you go. If you want to change, ask for help. This is the first step that differentiates adult behavior. 

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Asking for help may feel humiliating for you, but it means you’re still haughty. It may just be uncomfortable for you because you may just be scared. And if it is a terrible trauma for you, you should overcome it, not to become hopeless. You won’t have the strength in this way to change.

Why are many of us hiding in a relationship? Why do you make yourself believe that it is better to live like that than living alone? And why do many of you think that after leaving a relationship, you can only continue by yourself?  


First, you should aim to understand what opportunities open up and then switch. Switch to a good life! Switch to a happy life! Of course, I’m not campaigning for divorce, but you should be willing to let go of outworn relationships. What doesn’t build you up, it builds you down. When you think about this and start to change yourself, you realize that you can both progress alone or in a relationship or partnership. Progress is the essence of all our connections.

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