Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer In Massachusetts?

It is not easy to look for a personal injury lawyer when trying to recover from your injuries. A Brockton Personal Injury Lawyer can become a valuable ally and mentor to help you recover from your injuries. A majority of lawyers within Massachusetts administer a free case evaluation before taking your case. You do not have to worry about the cost to get answers.

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What Kind Of Injuries Can You Sue For In Massachusetts?

You can sue for almost any kind of injury that someone else is to blame for in the state of Massachusetts. Some of the reasons for pursuing a personal injury claim include strict liability, negligence, or deliberate actions.

Understanding Strict Liability Personal Injury Cases

Strict liability cases are kind of like negligence cases to the untrained eye. Strict liability cases are based on unforeseen circumstances. A strict liability case stems from the idea of legal responsibility. You can hold someone liable because they are monetarily responsible due to their negligence or wrongful acts.

The plaintiff must prove that the defendant failed to act responsibly, which is why the plaintiff got injured. Some of the most common examples of strict liability cases are defective products and animal bites. A company that manufactures a defective product is liable for the injuries resulting from the use of the faulty product. Similarly, a pet owner is responsible if their pet bites someone.

The victim of an animal bite can sue the owner for the injuries caused by the animal. The victim can sue the pet’s owner even if the owner was not present in the place where the animal harmed the victim.

Understanding Negligence In Personal Injury Cases

Negligence claims are when someone “owes a duty of care,” such as the duty to drive with care and reverence for road laws, and then violates that duty. Injuries caused by negligence are accidents that could have been prevented if the injuring party behaved responsibly. For example, someone slips and falls because of water on the floor in a grocery store. The employees and the store manager, all knew about the water spill but did not display a sign to indicate a wet floor or did not clean it up.

The person who slips and falls has a personal injury case resulting from the negligence of everybody in the grocery store. Most slip and fall cases can be categorized as negligence cases. Medical malpractice is another category that is included in negligence in the state of Massachusetts.

Understanding Personal Injury Cases Related To Deliberate Actions

Not all personal injury cases fall under the categories of liability or negligence. Battery and assault cases are personal injury cases that are due to the deliberate actions of an individual. A person deliberately wanted to harm another person due to an argument or a difference of opinion. Criminal cases often arise from people who have a motive behind their deliberate actions.

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