Deploying to a Private Cloud: 4 Considerations to Make

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There are several advantages to using cloud technology. By going the private cloud route, you gain full control over the software and hardware. It is a massive improvement to the hosting experience, and the beginning of a better way to handle data.


The cost of a private cloud deployment is one of the many considerations made by Brisbane IT support experts. If you’re going to spend money, then it is always a good idea to control the costs by owning the equipment. Higher upfront costs are easier to swallow than leasing out equipment that belongs to another company. And since you own the equipment, making changes becomes a task rather than an additional cost to your budget. The biggest return on investment happens gradually as you grow and understand the system.

2. Network Latency

Distance makes a difference when you’re not on a private cloud. Besides cost, network latency is the main reason to consider deploying a private cloud. Faster access means less errors and holdups when moving multiple megabits a second. And if your cloud deployment includes the use of multiple cloud applications at a time, speed and latency should be a priority. Stability is a big deal for private cloud setups that require day to day operations to remain uninterrupted. For businesses that are near a capable provider, this is a nonissue.

3. Security

Security is always a concern when data is shared over a network. Every user has their own personal understanding of protocols, along with their own ability (or inability) to follow directions. When you want to dictate security on a cloud system, a private setup will give your tighter control. Setting up the right security is not something you do after diving into cloud technology. To do it right, you have to create a security plan that goes hand and hand with a cloud deployment. These solutions are meant to both protect and simplify the protection of data. The result is that your company, its workers and clients will all be protected from common security mistakes.

4. Deployment Speed

Even the best outsourced provider will be a step slower than a company that handles it own cloud system. A company can always make a private system work on a schedule that is favorable to its best interests. There are pros and cons here, so pay close attention to the details. For private cloud deployment, inexperienced IT departments or teams can make a mistake that completely negates the favorable timing. For outsourced cloud systems, there are checks in place to prevent this from happening -but the downside is less fluidity on the deployment schedule. Competency matters, and that will either make or break the deployment speed of any private cloud system.

Stay On the Safe Side

Deploy a private cloud if you value the importance of controlling personal data.  A private cloud puts you in control of the virtualization and management of data. As a complete system, it meets specific needs without wasting valuable resources in other areas.

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