Celebrity Gambling takes things to New Heights

Whether you are a casual gambler, an addict, or someone who likes a flutter now and again, there is no denying the thrill of the chase whatever the format maybe

Most famous entrepreneurs who like to gamble

You don’t need us to tell you how big the global phenomenon of gambling is around the world. The big casinos continue to thrive and remain one of the most popular destinations for all kinds of people. Las Vegas, for example, the Mecca of gambling and the epicenter of having a good time and losing your inhibitions is estimated to host around 40 million people a year. Let’s say for argument’s sake that ⅓ come for the weather and sightseeing section of the tourist trade and the rest are there to gamble. That is around 13 million people exclusively attending one area just to throw money at it. The scale of the industry is huge and the glamour and anticipation that accompanies it see many normal folks and a lot of celebrities fall victim to the downside of gambling. This is a side you may not hear much of in terms of huge losses and addiction compared to the more celebrated and broadcast successes of the winnings and luxuries that occur when your luck is in.

No Exceptions

Gambling is definitely is an entertaining way and endearing method to earn some money and test your nerve. Many people successfully made millions of dollars thanks to holding their bottle across a plethora of gambling games. There is unfortunately a neglected tale to tell and that is that any game can become dangerous if you become addicted to it and any do without even realizing it. This is something that many famous celebrities and well-known entrepreneurs have succumbed to over the years, some more high profile and tragic than others for one reason or another.

Gambling should serve you as a way to make fun, a momentary high before you cut your losses and leave the situation. The moment anyone starts chasing their losses and tries to win back the money they have gambled away it is a long slippery slope towards major debt, enormous losses, and sometimes life-altering addiction. This applies to the man in the street, the bloke on TV, and the fella running the multi-billion corporation down the road. It affects everybody entrepreneur, jobless, family man or celebrity. Nobody is the exception to the rule. 

High-Profile Casualties

If your aim is to earn money, make sure it is for the fun of it and never for dependency. Desperation and gambling do not mix well whoever you are and making illogical decisions with the money you cannot afford to lose is not a path you want to take. You need to play smart and if you ask those that have been there and done it, gambling is a kind of science. You need to get prepared before investing a huge amount of money as if you were preparing to conduct a potentially harmful experiment in a lab. What does that mean? Protective measures in place before anything happens. This can be a physical or psychological limitation you put on yourself to protect your integrity and pockets alike. Many celebrities and entrepreneurs the world over have not been prepared well enough for this and became addicted to gambling due to their indiscretions. 

Names You May Know Who Have Struggled

Well-known figures from the worlds of sport, music, politics, TV, and business tycoons have fallen victim to gambling away their millions with some well-documented names reporting monumental losses that would cripple the finances of a normal family. Some of these people include; 

  • Charles Barkley(Basketball Star)
  • Tiger Woods (Golfing behemoth) 
  • Michael Jordan (Basketball legend)
  • Dana White (UFC President)
  • Charlie Sheen (Actor)
  • Floyd Mayweather (Boxing legend)
  • Ben Affleck (Actor)

Gambling In Business Not Just In The Game

The art of gambling isn’t just in the casinos, it is a common trait in the world of business. Corporate bosses often have to take huge risks in the boardroom to secure big financial pay-offs and to guarantee the future of their respective businesses. Granted, they are not always gambling with their own money but risking company funds is a massive responsibility in itself and having the fortitude to uphold budget restrictions and remaining firm during lengthy and heated negotiations where both parties are scrapping for every penny and a slimmer of any advantage is not for the fainthearted. 

These skills, traits, and characteristics employed by entrepreneurs at work are perhaps what makes them sturdy and shrewd enough to be able to handle the significant pressure of high-stake gambling in their personal and social, just as they do in a professional capacity on a daily basis. There are striking resemblances between the two and drawing the line between business and pleasure must be extremely difficult for those in question to execute.