5 Things About Online Gambling You May Not Have Known

Not everyone is lucky enough to stay near an actual casino. Most people have to drive a few hours to play their favorite games in a casino. Also, some states have strict restrictions on certain games.

You can bypass all the barriers by signing up with an online casino located on foreign soil. Before you get your journey started, take a look at some interesting facts about online gambling.

online gambling

Here Are a Few Interesting and Cool Facts About Online Gambling

1. Online Gambling is Less than 25 Years Old

There is no questioning the fact that people have been gambling for years. You will be surprised to know that Baccarat, the oldest casino game known to humans, was invented in the 1400s.

The first online casino game was introduced in 1996 at InterCasino. In 1994, a Caribbean island nation of Antigua and Barbuda passed laws legalizing online gambling for everyone. Since then, investors from all over the world have put their money in local online casinos over there.

2. Online Gamblers Are Known to Break the Laws

Although the online gambling industry is strictly regulated by the respective country’s governing body, there are still instances where illegal immigrants get access to online casinos.

If online gambling is 100 percent illegal in your native country, you cannot sign-up with a website based in a country with legal online gambling status. However, internet gamblers use fraudulent means to get access to online casinos.

3. Live Dealer Casino Games Are the Latest Trend

You must be aware that an online casino game like a slot machine depends entirely on the player’s luck. The result is determined by a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) software.

However, you can also stream into a physical casino from the comfort of your home. You can bet on a real game. A live dealer will host the session and will do the dealings for you. Here, the outcome depends on real-time results.

4. You Can Get Started Without Any Money

Free sign-up bonuses and free credits are the new trends in the internet gambling industry. Instead of spending millions on advertising, gambling websites are luring users with free money.

Some websites ask you to deposit a certain amount. If you lose your first hand, you get back all or a certain percentage of your deposit. Most beginner online gamblers prefer no deposit free bonuses. 

5. Online Gambling is Not Entirely Legal in the United States

With gambling cities like Biloxi, Atlantic City, Tunica, Las Vegas, and Cripple Creek, one will naturally assume that the United States is lenient with online gambling. However, such is not the case.

A United States citizen or a person visiting the country can place a wager on foreign gambling sites but cannot do so on websites based on US soil. LegalZoom’s report explains how Jeffrey Trauman of North Dakota had to pay $500 as fine for betting on a US-based website.

Also, it is illegal to own and operate an online casino from the United States. To run such operations, most US citizens move to the Caribbean islands.


Online casino games are available for smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Most of them are free to download. By investing little or no money, you can get your online gambling career started today. The purpose of this post was to familiarize you with the world of online gambling.

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