Continuous Monitoring for Real-Time Compliance

There has been an increase in the number and sophistication of data breaches raising concern to the data environment. Protecting information has to be a top priority. Establishing a secure compliance program means securing your landscape to ensure you comply with the required regulations. Continuous monitoring, therefore, enables you to both protect your data and […]

3 Effective Ways to Use the Split Screen Effect in Business Videos

At first glance the split screen effect may seem like a strange choice to use in business videos. It basically divides the screen into two (or more) parts, and each part will have a separate video playing on it. Over the years however the split screen effect has become a fixture in business videos. That […]

The Brakes on Your Car: An Essential Safety System

One of the most important systems on your vehicle has nothing to do with allowing you to drive faster or more efficiently. The primary goal of this system is to get you stopped safely, without damaging your car or another vehicle, and to keep passengers and pedestrians safe. Your brakes should always be in excellent […]

Why Laser Engraving Technology is Used in Manufacturing Industries

Lasers are used to mark, etch or engrave more products than you might realize, including smartphones, laptops, jewelry, book covers, sporting goods, and so much more! The laser process can be used to create logos, decorative patterns, safety instructions, bar codes and anything else that needs to be permanently etched onto a product or its […]

6 Areas That You Should Be Aware of Getting Hacked

Just two years ago, hackers breached roughly 50% of the 28 million small businesses across the U.S. No business is small enough to be immune to the growing threat of cyber attacks and the negative impacts such breaches can have on operations. Having said that, what online information or accounts are small business owners most […]