7 Traits That a Successful Screenwriters Always Stay Away From

Screenwriting is a complex skill to master for most aspiring writers. Coming up with a unique idea and isolating oneself to create something meaningful that strikes a chord with readers at both structural and emotional level requires a lot of hard work and strategic planning throughout the process. While no screenplay is perfect, there certainly […]

How To Be Better At Explaining Things

You’re at a party, and someone cracks an inside joke with you, and you dissolve in laughter. Suddenly everyone’s, asking what the joke is all about: and you stammer as you try to explain the context and story, but you stretch it, and it falls flat. Laughter dwindles as people awkwardly smile and walk away […]

Which Online Services are Most Likely to Influence a Purchase?

As a brand and a business, you need to know where to place and advertise your products so they get as much exposure as possible. In turn, this will hopefully generate some healthy sales figures and revenue for you. The internet is a vast place and you need to know where exposure should be brought […]

7 Reasons to Consider Working in Gig Economy

Supply chain management (SCM) includes a broad range of activities that involve the act of controlling the production, shipment, and distribution of a product. Essentially, it is the orchestration of the flow of goods and services that convert raw materials to final products which are then delivered to consumers. The process of SCM integrates the […]

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Nonprofits?

A nonprofit organization and a start-up may seem to have very little in common. That couldn’t be further from the truth.  That’s why a quick study of the way nonprofits stay afloat is a good way for entrepreneurs to find inspiration for their own businesses. Nonprofit Founders Have the Entrepreneurial Spirit If you ask around, […]