A Quick Guide to Success for the Image Conscious Modern CEO

How can a CEO today aim to be as memorable as those who came before them? It all starts with their image. These steps outline a few ways for the image-conscious CEO to write their legacy.

Habits Of Highly Successful Content Creators

Content marketing entails writing, publishing, editing, and distributing digital content to a targeted online audience. Content marketing includes email newsletters, social media copy, videos, eBooks, advertising images, and infographics. It is an essential tool businesses use to attract customer attention, engage users, increase brand awareness, generate leads, and improve return on investment. Below is a […]

This Is How Employers Can Help Their Employees Progress in Their Careers

Most successful leaders and managers know how they can contribute to the career growth of their employees. They know that if they help their employees build their careers, it will also help the organization as a whole in many ways. It’s a win-win situation for all the parties concerned. Employers should always put employee career […]

Casper College Students Can Easily Transition to Bachelor of Science Degrees at University of Phoenix Under New Agreement

University of Phoenix has made it easier for community college students to transition into higher education degree programs through a new academic alliance with Casper College, a community college in Casper, Wyoming with over 4,500 enrolled students. Under the new agreement, students attending Casper College can enroll simultaneously in a degree program at University of […]

Life And Career: How These Simple Budgeting Hacks Can Set You Up For Success

No matter how you feel about money, it shapes and impacts every aspect of your personal and professional life. Whether you run a household, a small business, or both, how you organize, spend, and manage your finances is crucial to achieving success (whatever success means to you). Though there are several financial practices you should implement, […]