The Benefits of a STEM Education

As an educator, you always want to empower your students with the knowledge and skills they need to develop into well-rounded and successful adults. This is in terms of not only their future career prospects but their lives more generally. Of course, every student is different, and part of the talent of teaching is finding […]

You’ve Re-Hired, Now What?

In the throes of the pandemic, most companies went into crisis mode.  The challenge was to stay afloat while trying to keep employees safe.  Many were forced to cut back to a few key members of staff just to keep the essential functions going.  HR managers were forced to respond to the crisis in ways […]

Spa Day for Your Mind: 4 Self-Care Practices to Relax and Stimulate Your Brain

Running a successful business comes with many challenges. Between handling client meetings and training your employees, focusing on your mental wellbeing often takes a backseat. You’re so busy chasing targets and managing business operations that you forget how important it is for your mind to rest. Even if you try to sit still for a […]

20 Best Entrepreneur Books of All Time

Back in 2009, a little show called Shark Tank came on the scene, and young entrepreneurs everywhere applied to be on it. They applied with the hopes that their little business would turn into a million-dollar company and that it would bring them success for the decades to come.  If you’re a fan of the […]

Do You Want to Change Badly Enough?

If yes, you have to accept criticism. You have to be willing to ask for it and accept both constructive and destructive criticism through the lenses of your self-awareness. When someone is talking behind your back it is not a criticism. Everyone has their signaling system, it is called intuition. Yet, most of us either […]