Avoid Event Planning Burnout with these Stress-Busting Tips

Event planning is one of the most stressful vocations out there. However, it comes with such a high sense of job satisfaction it’s no wonder more people than ever are turning to this interesting, high-stakes role.  Tight deadlines, stressed clients, long hours – being an event planner is a multi-taskers dream however it doesn’t come […]

Top 5 Skills every Professional Chartered Accountant must have

For any job to be perfect, it is better to identify the skills that could lead you to success. It will not only increase your job satisfaction but also make it easier for you to envision your long term career aspirations. To be a successful chartered accountant, you need to work on both technical as […]

Plan the Exit from the Profession by Enhancing your Dental Study

Over the next 10-15 years, around 30,000 dentists will retire, while just under 15,000 new graduates will leave the universities. A phenomenon that makes it even more important to know how to carry on the management of the transfer of the dental office because the risk is not to find a substitute for one’s own […]

Top 10 Apps That Will Help You Stay Motivated

Motivation goes a long way in life when we are keen to achieve our goals. In our daily hustle and bustle, the zeal and enthusiasm to perform often get lost in translation. Yet, it is so important to stay inspired and have a positive mindset.  Imagine a busy Monday morning, you are trying to meet […]

Outdated Job-Hunting beliefs

The industries we work in adapt and continue to change with the times. These times have been some of the most fast-paced with disruptive technologies popping up and data privacy changes. But just like industries themselves change, so does trying to land a job in them. Many people struggling to land their dream job are […]