How To Find Your True Calling in Life

Lucky are those who have found what they love to do and do it with pleasure. Living passionately is a challenge all by itself and not a rosy dream as it seems. As we grow, at each stage we understand the importance of duties and responsibility. Most of us go about our lives fulfilling those […]

How To Organize Your Planner

Time management is essential to get a lot of work done in time. With the use of tools and techniques, time management becomes easy. It is possible to get overwhelmed with work and keep a tab of important tasks and schedules. Organize minutes and hours of work with a paper or a digital planner. Many […]

How To Be Better At Explaining Things

You’re at a party, and someone cracks an inside joke with you, and you dissolve in laughter. Suddenly everyone’s, asking what the joke is all about: and you stammer as you try to explain the context and story, but you stretch it, and it falls flat. Laughter dwindles as people awkwardly smile and walk away […]

Discovering Your Personal Philosophy for Success

Whether you know it or not, every single action and decision you’ve made in your life has been because of your inner philosophy. Though you may not have ever set aside time to articulate your personal philosophy, we all have an internal set of beliefs and values that govern our decisions! The benefit of articulating […]

Wisdom Is Crucial To Gaining Knowledge

Wisdom is a virtue and cognition that comes with reasoning and experience. Wisdom is profound when it comes to individuals seeking it through deep thoughts, perception, and developing thinking ability. There is only a positive aspect of wisdom. The application of knowledge can be positive or negative depending on what encourages the thought process of […]