The Benefits of Neurofeedback Therapy

Have you ever had trouble remembering a particular fact? Perhaps you lose focus and can’t concentrate on specific tasks. Or maybe you want to try a therapy that doesn’t involve traditional approaches such as psychodynamics or talk therapy. If you’re curious if any other treatments can help, this article is for you. Neurofeedback may be […]

It’s Okay to not be Okay: Bipolar Disorder and Treatment

It’s normal to feel a broad range of emotions as we go through different situations. Getting a raise would make anyone jump for joy. A loss of a close friend would be painful for anyone. These are situations that elicit ‘socially’ acceptable negative emotions. Mood swings are normal, even if they cycle throughout the same […]

Confronting Trauma with Therapy

It’s never simple to describe trauma because trauma takes many shapes. For servicemen and women, witnessing combat and war atrocities could cause severe PTSD symptoms. For survivors of natural disasters or abuse, PTSD could develop immediately after the event or develop over time.   When talking about trauma, it’s helpful to know how it’s defined and […]

What is EMDR?

Your mind is a powerful tool capable of sending millions of synapses daily into your body to operate functionally. It can store memories and experiences like data and translates this data into information that governs your operating systems. Our behavior, how we talk to people, the foods we like, how we take our coffee, and […]

Why Hiring a Collection Agency Can Make you Stress Less

If you own a business, there’s plenty of things you can stress over. Maybe it’s hard to find suitable employees with the skills you need, maybe you have to file your taxes and your paperwork is a mess. In short: there’s a lot you can stress about, unfortunately. But luckily there are some things you […]