Why Evolution Gaming Wants to Buy NetEnt–These 8 Reasons

On June 24, software provider Evolution Gaming made a public offer to acquire Stockholm-based NetEnt at a valuation of SEK 19.6 billion (€1.8 billion). As part of the deal, the live-casino games’ supplier will compensate NetEnt stockholders at roughly 0.1306 per share. The investors have until October to come to an agreement. NetEnt is allegedly […]

What Happens When You Mix Cannabis And Kratom?

Both Cannabis and Kratom are very popular in today’s landscape, but for a long while now, people were wondering if you should mix the two. To get to the bottom of this, we’re going to have to cover both of them individually and acknowledge what effects might complement each other, and which Kratom and Marijuana […]

8 Billionaire Casino Owners in 2020

Billionaires own all kinds of investments. Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, is an online retailer magnate. Bill Gates built his wealth in software technology, whereas Warren Buffet is a stock market guru. In the casino game, the richest men and women have some truly inspiring stories. So, spare five minutes to discover […]

How to Market a Live Casino: Promoting the Advantages

The online casino industry, especially the live casino branch, is one of the most lucrative verticals. Since there is a lot of cash involved, the competition is harsh.  However, it is not something good marketing can’t solve for you. The market is there, and the players are waiting to discover new and attractive opportunities. All […]

Is Online Poker an Economic Force to Harness in the Future?

Online poker has effectively changed the face of the industry as a whole. Ever since its arrival, it has sparked both joy and controversy. Traditionalists despised the idea because it eliminated the human factor – calling out someone’s bluff. On the other hand, techno-enthusiasts loved it because they could now partake in the game from […]