Why iPhone Users Spend More Money Than Android Users?

As far as smartphones are concerned, iPhone users have been observed to spend more on apps than their Android counterparts. This has been a consistent trend over the past years, and something that is expected to continue well into the coming years as well. According to the report, ‘State Of In-App Spending’, iOS users spend […]

5 Reasons To Get a Small Business Loan

It’s a fact that about half of all new small businesses will fail within five years. When crunch time comes, many of those business owners look for ways to keep their company afloat. One of the available options is a small business loan. What are the top reasons for a business to consider this survival tactic?  1. […]

4 Money-Saving Tips for a Successful Business

As a business, you will want to save money whenever and wherever you can. A lot of the time it’s the small costs charged regularly which can add up to a huge bill every month. There are always simple changes you can make to save money within your main building, but when it comes to […]

Kitchen Countertop Guide: How to Find the Best Value Stone for Your Money

When someone steps into your kitchen, the first thing they will notice is your kitchen countertop. This because it is the most used and covers a large area of your kitchen. There are several choices when it comes to choosing; which is the best stone countertop for your kitchen. Stones such as; granite marble, soapstone, […]

Finding Housing After Filing Bankruptcy

What’s the largest bill you have every month? If you are like the vast majority of Americans, it’s your rent or mortgage payment. Read on to learn about finding affordable housing after bankruptcy. What Is Affordable Housing? According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, housing is considered unaffordable when a mortgage or […]