5 Tips to Acquire Financial Assistance for Launching Your Startup

Online lending platforms make the most of technologies that interrupt conventional lending. These platforms form a crucial segment of the firm and fast financial technology sector. Being a small business owner, you may consider securing funds through some internet provider and avoid your local banking partner, who may have turned your offer down already. Does […]

How to Save Money While Getting Out of Debt

Getting out of debt while also saving money seems like an impossible financial achievement. But, by making smart money decisions, budgeting, and planning, you can pay off debt while also increasing your savings account or emergency fund. Life is much easier when you feel confident about your finances. Even if you have two very different […]

Jacques Poujade Shares: 5 Questions To Ask Your Mortgage Broker When Buying A Home?

Jacques Poujade is a financial industry executive, with more than three decades of experience. During his career, he has worked in prominent roles in Canada, the UK, and the US. Therefore, he has the practical knowledge to help budget conscious entrepreneurs, from a range of backgrounds, obtain real estate financing to buy their ideal home. […]

5 Tips for Managing Money in Retirement.

Retirement is that time you want to relax and enjoy life with your loved ones. Managing money during retirement is somewhat easier because your sources of income are rather limited. As such, you want to be more disciplined with your spending without being too frugal. This guide offers five tips on how you can manage […]

How to Pull your Small Business Out of a Cash Crunch?

From a very early stage in life we are taught that failure means the end but reflecting back at history, it can be appropriately said that failure is just a stepping stone for success. Sometimes before a business finally leaps for the positive slope on the progress-time graph it takes a steep negative slope. Most […]