Five Tips for Entrepreneurs Taking Out a Loan

Being an entrepreneur comes at a cost. Sometimes that debt is paid in time, other times, only cold hard cash will do. As intimidating as taking a loan can be, it’s sometimes the buffer an entrepreneur needs to start or expand their difference. By taking a strategic approach to borrowing, entrepreneurs can optimize their return […]

Here’s How Young Entrepreneurs Can Save Money In Business

Young entrepreneurs need to distinguish their voice from an already crowded marketplace. And they have to do it as fast as possible or else, they will run out of funds. Almost 50% of start-ups fail by their fifth year. This explains why financial management is one of the key skills in becoming a successful entrepreneur. […]

5 Financing Options Entrepreneurs Have Beyond Traditional Bank Loans

The world of entrepreneurship is a tough one. Let’s leave aside the process of getting a business off the ground, marketing your products and generating a stable income. Before you even contemplate these entrepreneurial challenges, you need to know how to finance your business.  Depending on what kind of company you launch, you may need […]

How to Look after your Cash when Generating Large Volumes

Anyone who has ever run a retail outfit or some kind of venture that involves holding or collecting cash will tell you how nerve-wracking it can be. Cash is a real tricky thing to hold as it can easily be stolen or lost and simply disappear without a trace. And when the bulk of your […]

What an 0800 Number Communicates about your Ethos

You may not think it, but an 0800 number says more about your business than most other areas you invest your time and money into. 0800 numbers are still easily obtainable for businesses looking to grow their brand image, improve their customer service strategy and also increase communication within internal departments.  This article is about […]