Personal Loans Rejection: 10 Occasions When It Is Possible

A forty years old Adam who was barely making his ends meet with a wife, two children, and a frail mother at home, had to undergo a severe crisis when his mother met with an accident. She has to be treated with surgery and Adam has got no money for that.  Families like these usually […]

The Best Tech to Save Money in Your Business

If you are running a business, or looking to start one, no doubt you’ve learnt by now the first rule of business: it takes money to make money. You might even be shocked at the amount of money that is being taken to make money.  Don’t be too disheartened. There are somethings you can do […]

The Advanced Guide to Operating Working Capital

Operating working capital is used to calculate and measure a company’s liquidity and operations efficiency. It includes the current assets and the investment a company needs to fund. Such components are relative to the firm’s operations, like buying and selling inventory, paying the suppliers, and receiving payment from the customer. The focal point of the […]

How to Create a Cash Flow Forecast

Preparing a cash flow forecast helps a company avoid making bad financial decisions. If you’ve never created one of these forecasts before, you’re missing out on a crucial way to use data and financials to understand the health of your business. If you don’t run forecasts, you may make decisions that will negatively impact the […]

5 Fundraising Ideas for Political Campaign Managers

If you’re about to launch a political fundraising campaign or are looking for some new ideas, this article is specifically for you.  Raising funds throughout any political campaign can be a challenge. Even the big public figures in the Democrat and Republican parties must work tirelessly to get voters to dip into their pockets and […]