How Business Thrive With Card Readers Vs Cash

They say cash is king, but based on the number of people using credit cards around the world, plastic money has become the payment mode of choice by many. If your business doesn’t accept credit card payments, you may be losing potential clients and revenue. Whether you’re an established company or an entrepreneur just starting […]

Common Legal Grounds for Contesting a Will

A will functions as its name suggests. The document expresses how the maker, called the testator or testatrix, wants property to be handled and distributed at death. In some cases, the purported will may not reflect a person’s intent. If you believe a loved one’s will is not legitimate or doesn’t capture the decedent’s wishes, […]

Biggest Accounting Scandals Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

The old Italian adage that “Big mouthfuls often choke” holds true in many scenarios. One particular case where the sentiment is particularly true is when it comes to temptations for those in charge of large sums of money in the financial accounting of large corporations, as the greed for money often leads to accounting scandals. […]

Shane Dubin, Toronto Wealth Management Executive On Retirement Planning

As an entrepreneur, saving for retirement may be the furthest thing from your mind.  With no employee-sponsored retirement plan, it can be tempting to forgo retirement contributions when  establishing your own business.  Although it may not seem important in the early years, this misstep can be detrimental to your financial future.  If you are just […]

Money Saving Tips for Restaurant Startups

Tech startups, transportation startups, financial startups — these are the new companies that make headlines. However, around the world, tens of thousands of restaurants open every year, most on shoestring budgets with skeleton staffs, but rarely do restauranteurs receive equivalent help and resources to their more popular startup brethren. Running a restaurant might be more […]