5 Common Reasons Life Insurance Won’t Pay Out And What To Do About It

Term life insurance is essentially a gamble between the policyholder and the insurance company. If the policyholder outlives the term of their policy, the insurance company wins because they get to keep the insurance premiums and the policyholder gets nothing in return. If the policyholder dies before the policy expires, then the insurance company loses […]

Coming to Terms with Premarket Trading

Premarket trading is a form of extended hours selling and buying opportunity for people who want to invest in stocks and shares. The brother of after-hours trading, this solution allows today’s investors to spend money and gain wealth during sessions that occur before the bell rings for the opening of the NYSE and other markets […]

Stop Saving Cash and Invest in Gold Instead

Are you still saving money? It might be time to stop. No, don’t stop putting money aside for the future and go out to spend it all. What you should stop doing is keeping your money in cash or in a savings account. In the last few decades, putting your money in gold and silver […]

Seven Ways to Get Assistance to Purchase your First Home

Buying your new home is very exciting because it is the beginning of a new chapter of your life. You’re not just buying some random object, but you will be buying an important piece of property that will be a repository of all the valuable memories you will be making with your family. The first […]

Modern Currency: The Use of Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin

Modern technology is a thing of wonder. It helped us do a lot of tasks that would have been impossible without it. For example, typing words on a computer is definitely faster than writing it using only your hands. It even looks more uniform when printed compared to manual writing. It has also improved efficiency […]