Cannabis Business: Jobs within the CBD and Cannabis Industry

Cannabis plants been grown on a large scale.

More and more countries are regulating the self-cultivation, production and industrialization of Cannabis, both for recreational or medical purposes.

Thanks to this, the different cannabis industries are growing by leaps and bounds, and it is now possibly to buy high-quality CBD hash online quickly and safely, as well as excellent CBD flowers and other high-quality CBD oils!

The dream of many cannabis users and growers is to be able to make a living from this. We tell you how you can make your income come from the cannabis world.

First, we must investigate the regulations in the country where we live or want to work. In the case of digital industries, it is a little easier since we could work from any country regardless of its regulation, as long as the law is not broken.

The first thing is always to write a business plan and decide if the type of company will be product manufacturing, marketing, cultivation or digital marketing, among others. Once this is defined, we should obtain a license if necessary.

Production and cultivation

Farming industrially and professionally is booming. More and more cannabis and hemp production companies produce for medicinal and recreational purposes, depending on the laws of each region. If your dream is to grow big, this is a great option, which requires a lot of organization, planning, resources and work, but it gives excellent economic results.


It can be technological solutions for dispensary-type cannabis companies, app design and point-of-sale software. In addition, this industry allows us to work with cannabis companies that are already in operation and improve their logistics.


Creams, lotions and even Cannabis essential oils are increasingly acclaimed by users who consume Cannabis and those who do not. These products have a much broader market than flowers or THC and CBD oils, as they do not produce psychoactive effects of any kind.

If the country where we live allows it, the production of cosmetics with cannabis products is undoubtedly a rising market that should be invested in.


Regulations in the cannabis industry change over time and from region to region. Cannabis legal consultancy is essential when starting a business and is an excellent source of work since there are few specialists in this field. If you are interested in laws, this job is for you.

Cannabis consulting need not be solely legal. If you are an experienced grower, you can also work as a consultant sharing your knowledge with other growers who are just starting or don’t know how to move forward with their crops.


Do you like to cook? Do you like Cannabis? Cheer up! Cooking with cannabis products is easy and fun. However, as in all areas, you must study and know the doses that should be used when creating recipes and products. An overdose of edibles can be an awful experience for the user, so the cannabis cook must know well what he is doing.

Local business

Depending on the laws of your country, you can open a grow shop, head shop or dispensary. Do you like to recommend marijuana strains? Do you want to sell marijuana paraphernalia and accessories? Are you interested in growing and advising?

Opening a store is a great option as long as it is legal where you do it. Of course, you can also sell online!

The cannabis industry can generate employment!

One of the most critical aspects of the industrial development of Cannabis is the labour market due to the generation of new and varied jobs. Figures and expectations of a sector that, given legal advances, can become a source of great help for the current economic situation.

Cannabis Cultivation: large-scale production

The key to the development of any industry is profitability and the ability to generate employment. In the case of Cannabis, according to the European Center for Economic and Social Research, this industry generates around 19 formal jobs per hectare.

It is important to note that these data constitute an estimated and average value, which depends mainly on what type of crop and production are worked.

Also, you can now find some specific courses and diplomas for cannabis jobs available worldwide. Here is a good example:


This diploma will provide you with the tools for the proper management of the cultivation and transformation of Cannabis for medicinal purposes and emerging industries, which is essential to obtain a production that meets the industry’s required quality standards.

General objective

Train participants in the importance of Cannabis as an emerging region of the country’s agricultural economy, where the proper management of the cultivation and transformation of Cannabis for medicinal and industrial use is understood as a fundamental basis for obtaining a production that meets the standards of quality required by the industries related to the cannabis production chain.

Specific objectives:

  • Contextualize and provide valuable tools on the legal scope of cannabis production for industrial and research purposes at the national level.
  • Train participants in the management and cultivation of Cannabis.
  • Teach essential topics of the cannabis production chain: seed, plant breeding, integrated soil management, diseases, pests, irrigation, harvest, and post-harvest.
  • Disseminate information on cultivation techniques and proper handling of cannabis plants.
  • Generate functional learning spaces where the different management of the crop and the importance of scientific research within the production process are shown.

Suggested Audience:

People interested in learning about the Cannabis production chain and gaining a broad view of what this market can offer: students of agronomy, biology, business-related careers, small-scale producers, self-growers and employees of legal cannabis companies and CBD trade.

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