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I Tried Out LeStallion Leather Notebooks and my Journalling Improved

It’s no secret that daily journaling has numerous benefits. You get a chance to put down your goals and tasks for the day, as well as just clear your head with all your random floating thoughts. It can massively improve your awareness and generally help bring a sense of semblance to your life. It also gives you a chance to note down the things you’re grateful for: and plan out the day.

Why Should You Buy a Premium Journal?

LeStallion Notebook

I’ve been meaning to make journal entries one of the first things I do every morning, along with my cup of coffee and right before my morning work-out. But somehow, I end up scrolling through social media in that precious time frame and I’ve been cursing myself for not getting into this new habit. 

So, I did exactly what’s helped me in the past. I gifted myself something that would help with my new habit. 

I had done this last year when lockdown had just begun: I wasn’t able to get into the exercising at-home thing, and so I bought myself some brand new workout clothes. It actually worked for me and gave me the motivation that I sorely needed. Learning from my past, I quickly scoured the internet for some attractive notebooks that would help me get my journaling on.

And, lo and behold: I was suddenly spending at least 20 minutes a day eagerly filling in my new LeStallion Leather Notebook.

LeStallion Professional Leather Notebooks for Men – Detailed Review

I know what you’re thinking — notebooks for men? Since when did sheets of paper get gendered? Well, if you do a quick search for some premium notebooks on the internet, you’ll be surprised to see the majority of them are either floral, or sparkly, or in pastel shades. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t exactly be happy about scribbling in a Hello Kitty journal in my local cafe. I wanted a journal that I was proud to carry around. 


LeStallion Notebook Design

The LeStallion Leather Notebooks are super elegant: with a faux leather cover that comes in different color shades (Henson, Garrano, Galloway, and Ariegeois. I chose Ariegeois, an Ashgray Black) and cream-colored thick ivory pages. It’s also quite lightweight to carry around. I thought it was a perfect size, A5, and small enough to fit in any backpack or satchel. 

I loved that the pages were numbered: today I was writing on page 47 out of a whopping 216 pages. 

There’s a lot of attention to detail with this book — the edges of the book are curved and colored, It has a stylish metal charm attached to it: that works as an excellent bookmark. My personal favorite feature is the storage folder in the rear end: there are so many important scraps of paper that now have a home. It also comes with a slipcase, making storage and gifting as attractive as the book itself. 


LeStallion Notebook Performance

When a book looks as good as this one, you don’t want to be let down by what’s inside. This notebook has super thick pages for a reason: 120gsm, to be exact. That’s because it is actually designed to be used with a fountain pen! 

As soon as I realized this, I purchased a fountain pen as well, because it seemed to do the notebook much more justice than the plastic half-dried-up pen I was using. Incredibly, the pages hold up to fountain pen ink without any stains or bleeding. I might have accidentally spilled some ink on one of the pages, but it dried quickly and didn’t even show on the other side. 


While having a beautiful notebook can only give you a push of motivation to get started on daily journaling — it’s up to you to keep up the momentum. And having a prized possession to write in is far more rewarding than the back of a receipt or your last post-it note. Get the LeStallion Leather Notebook today and watch yourself begin to truly enjoy journaling.

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