Being an Amazon Handmade Seller – 2021 Guide

If you are a person of talent and want to sell your handmade products worldwide then Amazon is the way to go. Amazon has produced a special service from sellers who want to sell handmade goods. Since Amazon has millions of users, a lot of people launch their handmade items in the market through Amazon to gain high sales and manor profit margins. You can also visit for more insights. If you also want to sell your handmade product but don’t know how what and how to be a handmade seller then this guide is for you. Walk with us as we break down the step of being a handmade seller on amazon. 

With passing time amazon has become host to many artistic people who create beautiful art in various forms and get revenue from it. The sellers that are normally registered are a bit different from the handmade sellers due to modularity in business models. There are various other specifications of the product that must be fulfilled for it to sell in the handmade section such as the product should be hand handled and crafted manually etc. 

Item sold by Handmade Sellers

If you want to be an amazon handmade seller, you need to make sure that whatever product you want to sell is authentically manual and made with human hands. The handmade section only hosts items and products that have some uniqueness within the product design while making sure to avoid amazon negative keywords. Following is some item that is normally sold by amazon handmade sellers:

  1. Handmade Abstract art 
  2. Bags
  3. Crochet purses
  4. Bengals 
  5. Soap 
  6. Cases
  7. Plates

The working mechanism of Amazon Handmade: 

Just like the other selling sections of amazon handmade amazon also has detailed and maintained to assure the best quality service for the buyers. Following is how the mechanism of amazon handmade works:

  1. Your product should purely be made by hand. 
  2. Your product should be a self-product or cultivated.
  3. Fill up all your information and justify your abilities as a seller.
  4. Choose a medium of accepting and fulfilling your orders. 
  5. Choose the shipping option.
  6. Pay fees and investment amount record.
  7. The last start getting the order

Is being an Amazon Handmade seller rewarding? 

As every business being a handmade seller also require an initial investment and other additional cost and efforts. Not to mention the time spent on planning and gaining information on it. This is why a lot of newcomers might ask themselves whether amazon handmade is worth it or not. Well like every other form of business being an amazon handmade seller has its pro as well as cons. Following is stationed to clear up your point of view on being an amazon handmade seller.

Following is some of the pros:

  • More customers: As everyone knows how much traffic amazon has daily. This provides you with a more varied range of customers. More people will be aware of your art and business and might be interested in buying you items. Statistic state that more than half of the population of US engages in buying and selling products of amazons.
  • More profit margin: Since there would be a lot of customers the profit would also increase. the more people see your product the more they will get interested and the more profits it will bring to you as a handmade seller.
  •  Less amount of investment: One of the major problems every seller faces is the registration or listing fees of Amazon. however, that is not the case with handmade sellers as they are provided with lower registration fees as well as about 15 percentage sales on listing the products.
  • Unique products: All of your products are handmade which means they are unique. The uniqueness in your product will make it more exclusive since that product is not available in any other brand hence if people want the thing, they need to buy straight from you. This will provide more selling points for the product.

Following is some of the cons:

  • Confusion in products: This is the most common problem you might face as a handmade seller as the dashboard regarding the products must be filled in so the buyers could easily understand the description of the product. in case the buyers cannot understand what the dashboard he’s trying to convey, there are chances that the product will be sold less or would take more time to be sold out.
  • Slow authorization process: for every handmade Amazon seller you need to go through a tough examination and authorization process where you need to convince Amazon that whatever you are selling is handmade and you are not outsourcing it. you need to provide solid examples and proves to get you registered as a handmade Amazon seller which takes a lot of time.
  • Late payments: once the order is dispatched your payment is classified, however, you would only be getting the payment Wendy buyer has paid for the item they have bought which means you will always get late payments.
  • Few domain options: the most common problem with handmade items say that you have very few options regarding the domain in which you would be producing your product such as beauty, hygiene, and decoration, etc.

How to initiate handmade business at Amazon?

Now that you have decided to be A handmade Amazon seller you need to have a clear-cut idea of your selling strategy, what your product would be, what kind of domain would it be registered in and what would be the price of the item. First of all, you need to apply for getting a spot in the shops of handmade category on Amazon, following is what amazon would ask for you to register yourself: 

  1. What is the domain of your product and what branch of the domain does it address?
  2. Amazon would also ask about your past experiences in manufacturing these kinds of products.
  3. Amazon would also ask you about a sample of the product that you are willing to sell.
  4. Amazon would also ask about the percentage of profit you have in mind for your product.