Basics of Investing in Someone else’s Business

Investing in businesses is a huge step one takes. While you may have the right attitude, it is advisable to study your options before making any decisions thoroughly. When taking such a significant financial step, a logical and practical approach often puts you in a secure position. Investing in someone else’s business is a risk you are willing to take that will eventually lead to a profitable outcome or will be a complete loss of your well-earned money and efforts. 

Kindly consider the below pointers before investing: 

Carefully study your options.

Are you investing in a friend’s business? Or well, maybe in a family member’s business? It is an investment thumb-rule: “Do not let your emotions ride your financial decisions.” Take your time to set appropriate business objectives for yourself, carefully study and explore all your options and then take a plunge. It helps to seek an expert opinion to get a better understanding of the investment plan. It is advisable to set your benchmarks while investing, and this allows you to obtain a better perspective of your future in the investment plan. 

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Be vocal about the business plan. 

Be smart; ask for the business plan! Asking for a business plan is the first step in the process of intelligent investment planning. Entertaining an investment proposal without a business plan is a terrible idea that sets you up for a potential financial disaster. A well-made business plan should be able to explain and emphasize the viability of the business. The investment plan needs to be clear and precise about how it will yield investor returns and the estimated duration. 

Study any future risks

What are the favorable conditions under which the business will be successful? 

What can be the deterrents to the progress of the business plan? 

Is there a possible scenario of failure? 

These are a few basic questions you need to study and get answers to before putting your money in. Be rational while examining. The need for more money may arise at some point, and will shortage of the required finances cause the business to fail? 

An objectified calculation of all the risks is always a positive step while making any investment decisions. 

Safeguard your investment 

Understand your role as an investor and protect your value. Be responsible and safeguard your influence in the scheme without overvaluing the business creator’s worth and capability. Will you be the lead investor? Are you one of the many investors or a financier? The investment you make needs to be aptly valued, and your role in the hierarchy of the business needs to be well defined. Draft an organized investment plan that protects your money and worth. 

In-Depth Paperwork 

While shaking hands on a formal business deal or investment scheme, always be particular about the paperwork and documentation. No amount of verbal assurances and necessary trust will compensate for a legally binding document, summarizing and sealing the deal. The required paperwork is as crucial as having faith and putting your money into an investment plan after carefully studying your options. 

The management 

Check and re access the position of the business establisher. What are the stakes for the founder in case of the business failing? There should be an impact on the establisher’s financial situation, otherwise your money will only be feeding them their salaries without any real work. The risk of failure should motivate the founders to work hard. A proper stimulus package for the management will incentivize them towards success. 

Unaffordable money

The lack of liquidity in small scale businesses may lead to your money getting stuck up for a more extended period. Avoid investing money that you may need shortly. Be responsible while evaluating your money. You may need the money in the near future and the available funds need to be at your disposal easily. 


In the event of failure, does the structure of the business plan allow you any tax benefits? The basic taxation laws while investing in a business need to be understood and agreed. Under all circumstances, the investor needs to have their bases covered and not lose money due to unforeseen taxes. 

The returns

What is the expected time when the business will break even? When should one expect returns? The investor making a prominent investment in the company needs a regular update on the business’s inner workings.Your returns and their structure depends on:

  • The status of the employees and monthly transactions.
  • Estimated goals and targets.
  • Periodic updates regarding the various decisions 
  • Every step of the business needs to be intricately balanced and handled.

Be responsible 

Do not overindulge yourself in any investment schemes, without carefully studying the documents. The urge to invest under the influence of sentiments is strong, but kindly listen and be thorough with the papers. Believing in a strong, practical and well planned investment will always give you better returns. A well managed business is always thriving and benefits the investors.

Be aware 

To understand investments properly, you always need to have your ears open to new market developments and government regulations. The current happenings in the world still influence the structure of the business plan. Be it a pandemic, a natural disaster, a war/civil unrest, a drop in the stock market prices or, even the death of a famous personality. Keep your ears on the latest beats of the world, and you will always be a step closer to making secure investments.

Value your money and time

Be it an investment in your child’s or a sibling’s business, be rational about the value of your money and time’s worth. Are you trying to be encouraging? Investing money will not be the only solution, be hands-on with the business plan and its objectives. Recommend changes and alterations whenever you feel the need, without sounding too controlling or overpowering. Do not hijack the project, but at the same time when you are putting in your money, you need a well-managed business to yield better results.