Mohit Tater

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The Best Youtube Downloaders on Setapp

For most people, Youtube is the default option for killing filler time. There’s so much content on Youtube that you simply can’t do without it. And we’re glad that there’s a way to bookmark your videos for later: that Banana Bread recipe that seems do-able or the song for your daughter’s dance recital.  But it’s […]

How to Find anyone’s Address if all you have is his Phone?

Want to find someone’s address? But all you have is the phone number? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out. Finding anyone’s address using their phone number is not as complicated as it seems. All you have to do is use the right tools for the job. To find […]

Walk to Work Day: 3 Comfortable Outfit Ideas for Walking to Work

Did you know that the first Friday of every April is National Walk to Work Day? Walking is a low-impact form of exercise with many great benefits: walking can help improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels, help you maintain a healthy body weight, and even enhance your mental well being! In celebration of this […]

How to Digitize Your Small Business in 2021

Going digital for your business has been a good idea ever since the internet was invented. Not only does it cut down your operating costs, but also gives you a wider reach to parts of the population that you just couldn’t have face to face.  The growth that your business can have once online is […]

6 Bad SEO Practices You Should Avoid

Have you ever noticed less traffic entering your website or your keyword rankings dropping overnight? These are few common symptoms of a website being penalized by Google due to poor SEO practices. Without enough knowledge and experience on proper SEO strategies, you may risk having your website negatively affected by Google’s algorithm updates. If your […]