Attorney Juan Monteverde Leads the Way in Shareholder Protections

Juan Monteverde, Founding Partner at Monteverde & Associates, has based the strength of his career on his ability to advocate for shareholder rights. By combining both expertise and experience, Mr. Monteverde can maximize shareholder value while recovering damages and improving the merger transaction.

One of Mr. Monteverde’s most innovative contributions have come in the form of challenges to proxies related to compensation issues due to not providing accurate disclosures that shareholders are required to have to cast an informed vote after the Dodd-Frank Act.

Because of Mr. Monteverde’s expertise when it comes to executive compensation, he is regularly called on to speak at ABA, PLI, ACI and other conferences regarding issues of executive compensation, as well as merger litigation. He also has contributed numerous articles on the topic of executive compensation.

The following is a partial list of his publications:

In building and running his firm, Mr. Monteverde has distinguished himself as an advocate for shareholders, especially through high-profile mergers.

A Strong Background Perfectly Suited for a Future in Shareholder Advocacy

Juan Monteverde began his studies at California State University of Northridge, where he received a B.S. in Finance. He began his law studies at St. Thomas University School of Law where he graduated with his J.D. cum laude

Mr. Monteverde began his practice of law with one of the most well-regarded firms in Miami, Diaz Reus, which provided Mr. Monteverde with invaluable insights into what it’s like working in high-profile commercial disputes. Government investigations provided him with a look at one of the most active and diverse areas of the legal field. During his time there, Mr. Monteverde worked with all kinds of clients that came from around the world and included Fortune 500 companies, government entities and financial institutions.

Mr. Monteverde’s next position was at Smith, Mazure, Director, Wilkins, Young, & Yagerman. That law firm had a focus on civil litigation, which included construction law, civil rights litigation and products liability. There Mr. Monteverde tried on an entirely new role as a defense attorney, which is an experience he still draws on today. 

As Mr. Monteverde developed a passionate interest in securities law, he began to lead teams within the firm in this area. It was only a matter of time before he realized it was time to take his experience and knowledge and begin his own firm. 

Finding Success from the Beginning

Even though Monteverde and Associates only works on contingency fees–they only get paid when the client does–the firm has nonetheless been profitable from the beginning. This is in large part because Mr. Monteverde began his practice with clients that he had begun working for at his previous firm. The good relationship which he kept with his previous firm is what allowed him to do this.

Additionally, Mr. Monteverde takes an innovative approach. He began using targeted internet marketing before that was popular in the legal field. But he is quick to point out, there is no better way to get clients than by achieving results for them. This of course leads to referrals as well. 

Juan Monteverde Has Been Recognized for Many of his Achievements

Some of the recognitions which Mr. Monteverde has received include:

  • Super Lawyers named Mr. Monteverde a New York Metro Rising Star in Securities Litigation in 2013 and 2017-2019, this is an award given to less than 2.5% of attorneys in a particular field.
  • Martindale-Hubbell selected Mr. Monteverde as a Top-Rated Lawyer in 2017-2019.

A Small Selection of the Cases in which Juan Monteverde Has Achieved Results

  • In Re American Capital, Ltd. Shareholder Litigation, Case No. 422598-V (Rockwell Cty, MD 2018)(obtaining $17.5 million post close cash settlement)
  • In Re Jefferies Group, Inc. Shareholders Litigation, Cons. C.A. No. 8059-CB (Del. Ch. 2015)(obtaining as co-lead counsel $70 million post-close settlement)
  • In Re Harleysville Group, Inc. S’holders Litigation, C.A. 6907-VCP (Del. Ch. 2014)(obtaining significant disclosures for stockholders pre-close and securing valuable relief post close in the form of an Anti-Flip Provision providing former stockholders with 25% of any profits in a Qualifying Sales

Advice from Juan Monteverde for Young Lawyers

The career of a successful securities lawyer holds a lot of guidance for young or aspiring attorneys. Juan Monteverde’s ethos, which can be described as work, work and more work, and never leave for home until all your work is done, is a strict one, but promises results for those who commit. He also offers some more specific advice.

Consider Your Other Interests

One does not simply go into law. The most successful attorneys will find a specialization, and ideally it will be one they are passionate about. Mr. Monteverde turned a passion for business into a career that specializes in mergers and acquisitions. 

Give It a Try Before Committing

Mr. Monteverde recommends that aspiring attorneys try a part-time job in the legal profession before fully committing. This allows a person to become familiar with the legal field and get to know how strong their interest really is. 

Remember the Business Part

People often forget that running a business often goes hand in hand with becoming a lawyer. Many attorneys choose to open their own firm and that comes with all of the complexities of running any other business, along with your duties as a lawyer. 

The Importance of Networking

Mr. Monteverde says that if there’s one piece of advice he could impart to his younger self, it would be the importance of networking. Not only does this allow one to cultivate and grow their career opportunities, relying on relationships with peers can help you to grow as a person and an attorney.

Reading and Writing

One of Mr. Monteverde’s pieces of advice is to read everything, especially if it could ever be relevant to your job. Another important thing to remember is how integral writing is to the legal career. If you plan to find success, it’s important to hone your writing skills early on.

As someone who has displayed immense success at arguing cases for shareholders and has taken cases as far as and up to the Supreme Court, Mr. Monteverde provides an excellent example for many aspiring attorneys. 

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