Animated Commercials: Learning to Advertise Your Business in a Unique Way

With the rise of digital marketing, the methods by which companies advertise has changed completely. To account for the 17.2% forecasted industry growth through 2030, companies have begun adopting new marketing strategies that encompass social media advertising, television advertising, web advertising, and more.

One such form of advertising that has helped companies see great returns on their investment is animated commercials. Learn everything there is to know about this form of marketing, including why it stands out from traditional marketing, to see if integrating it is right for your business.

What is an Animated Commercial?

As opposed to a live action commercial, animated commercials are short fifteen to sixty second videos that use digitally created scenes to sell a product or service. When creating an ad, top-notch animated commercial designers will take the entire design process from concept all the way to delivery. By the end of the process, an animated commercial will show what a product or service does without ever having a real person on the screen, making it a unique form of advertising.

Pros of Animated Commercials

1) Quicker turnaround time than live action commercials

2) A lower cost than live action commercials in most cases

3) A unique and engaging way to tell a story or sell a product

Cons of Animated Commercials

1) Animated commercials can feel less personal than live action commercials for some products or services

2) Depending on the product, it can be harder to show what that product actually does

3) Animated commercials aren’t well suited for companies with a more serious product

How Much Do Animated Commercials Cost?

Compared to live action commercials, animated commercials will likely be a lot cheaper than a person expects. Most animated commercials will start in the low five figures around one to two thousand dollars, but they can rise to the millions if the project is for a global campaign. Unlike with a live action commercial, there are no salaries for actors to pay or for renting out sets to be used for filming, which helps to lower the cost comparatively. 

How Long Do Animated Commercials Take to Create?

In most cases, animated commercials will have a faster turnaround time than standard live action commercials since the schedule of actors doesn’t need to be balanced. This means that a well-written and polished animated commercial can be delivered in around five-to-six weeks depending upon when the script is approved. Naturally, this timeframe can vary depending on the scope of the project and the requirements an organization has.

Get Your Message Across Today

When it comes to marketing, finding the most effective way to get your message out is the most important part of the process. Animated commercials can bring a certain levity to your ads that other types of marketing simply can’t, making them an excellent option to integrate into your current marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to contact an effective design team who can bring animated commercials to life for your organization.

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