Adam J Clarke on the Multiple Roles of a Startup CEO

The allure of building an enterprise from the ground up and generating millions in cash proves exciting for aspiring startup founders. However, without a wealth of knowledge about bootstrapping and the responsibilities of being a founder, one could abjectly fail merely by not knowing what to expect. Luckily, Macropay’s Founder & CEO Adam J Clarke reveals the duties a startup leader should perform to ensure success.

Here are the multiple roles of a startup CEO, as taken from Adam J Clarke’s playbook:

Recruiter: Selecting the right talent for the job

While many would argue that the best in class or the top in a field would be the correct choice when recruiting new teammates, a startup business owner should look harder and try to find the right talent for the job. Startup founders work closely with their new recruits. The office dynamic will rely on how well people’s personalities and attitudes mesh well together, on top of how well they work together.

Supporter: Building a business requires building up people

After carefully screening and hiring the right people, the CEO must make sure that everyone realizes their true potential. This means that the CEO should delegate some tasks that will give equal opportunity for all team members to grow. There will be some room for guidance every now and again. However, setting accountability at the forefront of the workplace will give them some space to grow into their own shoes as professionals.

Visionary: Creating the solutions people need

Every startup begins with an idea. And while some are grander than the others, the execution is what truly matters in the end. The CEO should be the first to think of solutions that the general public would truly enjoy. Similar to Macropay, each startup should ruminate on what areas of life can be improved, and actually improve it.

Listener: Learning from everything around

The CEO never stops learning new ideas, novel techniques, and emerging trends. This enables the company to navigate the quickly shifting landscape of consumer behavior. One cannot be agile in dealing with potential challenges, or in steering the company to a better direction, if they are not aware of the conditions around them.

Leader: Actions over instructions

CEOs would sometimes find themselves doling out instructions like there’s no tomorrow. This is perfectly normal since they are brimming with new ideas to propel the company forward. However, most people respond to accountability better than being told exactly what to do. Therefore, the CEO should lead by example. This means giving other team members the vision but letting them explore the terrain by themselves and creating the solutions needed.

Adam J Clarke & Building Macropay

Macropay’s multimillion euro success is undeniable. At the helm of this efficiently functioning company is its Founder-turned-CEO Adam J Clarke. The highly successful fintech was founded in 2013 in a living room. Adam grew the startup to its current success, hiring a superstar team all around the world.

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