A Guide on Entrepreneurship, Development and Business Ethics


Learning about business is a great way to get a solid understanding of how a company works. It provides insights into real-time scenarios such as identifying core business issues and creating and executing business strategies in different industries.

Business careers span multiple industries, from banking to creative industries.

In other words, students in our business programs graduate with a versatile and relevant educational background in any organization.

As a result, multinational and small business (SME) employers are always looking for business graduates because of the breadth of skills they can bring and their potential to become future business leaders.

Alternatively, you can apply what you have learned from the Business Core and Choice Modules to start your own business.

Management Concept

The word “management” comes from the Greek word “Nomos” which means “management”. It deals with people whose behavior is very unpredictable. Management has become the essence of coordinating individual efforts since people began to form groups to achieve their individual goals.

It’s not just about the features, but about the people who do it. A group of people who direct an organization and accept the responsibility to direct its activities constitutes the management of that organization.

Management not only specifies special positions and ranks but also specialties and research areas. Management provides the planning, organization, and direction needed to run the business. 

Management is an important function that covers all aspects of a company’s work. Management in this sense can be defined as the art of accomplishing things. Different economists give different definitions of “management”.

Hick defines management as “the process of getting things done by people.” Koontz and Koontz explain that management means “doing things by and with people.”

The basic purpose of a company is to create wealth, and the manager’s main job is to add value to this wealth creation. A manager is a leader who leads the team to achieve a common goal. But how can an individual achieve so without a specific degree? You can enroll in the best leadership courses online suggested by experts of Tangolearn.

Management purpose

To enable all humans to understand and develop and take advantage of / her potential, management needs to create an environment that can achieve maximum performance. Obtained from an individual. The management goals are:

(I) Achieve maximum performance with minimal effort:

The main management goal is to achieve maximum performance. Get results with minimal effort and resources. Management deals with discovery and use. It is used so that the best combination of human, physical and financial resources can be achieved. This combination leads to various cost reductions.

(II) Optimal use of resources:

Proper use of various factors of production can increase efficiency. A significant increase can be achieved by reducing all corruption, waste and damage. This, in turn, saves time, effort and money essential for the growth and prosperity of all companies.

(III) Maximum prosperity:

Management ensures the smooth and coordinated functioning of the company. Second, it helps to provide employees with the maximum possible profits in the form of good working conditions. Increased salary system, incentive plans, and employer profits.

(IV) Human improvement and social justice:

Management acts as a tool for promotion and improvement socially. Management ensures a better standard of living through increased productivity and employment for society. It guarantees justice through its unified policy.


Organization involves the allocation and placement of both human and non-human resources for a successful plan. It was implemented. Organizing allows managers to identify tasks to perform and group them into specific tasks. A method of grouping jobs and jobs into units to form an organizational structure.

New manager

The restaurant needs to know how many employees are needed for a particular shift. Providing the necessary resources, he completes work and groups employees into kitchen staff and front-end workers to provide an organizational structure. He serves customers who arrive and dine at the restaurant.

While others stare at how he manages all this so efficiently, the reason behind this can be the courses suggested by the experts of TangoLearn.

What is Business Ethics?

Business ethics is nothing more than the application of ethics in business. Ethical business behavior promotes and promotes social well-being, improves profitability, promotes business relationships and improves employee productivity.

The concept of business ethics means that it varies from person to person, but in general, knowing what is right in the workplace and doing the right thing in terms of product/service impact and stakeholder relationships.

Business ethics deals with the behavior of merchants in doing business. Unethical practices cause problems for business people and business entities. The life and growth of a business unit depend on the ethics practiced by businessmen. Business ethics evolves and habits. Customs vary from company to company.

When the habit is accepted and accepted by entrepreneurs and the general public. This practice becomes ethical. Business ethics applies to all types of business. Social responsibility: you must adhere to the corporate ethics of your company.

Businessmen should not ignore business ethics in taking on social responsibility. Business ethics represents the behavior of a businessman during a transaction. A company by observing good morals in business activities.

Business Ethics or Standards of Ethics are the principles, practices, and philosophies that guide businessmen in their daily business decisions. This refers to the behavior of a merchant in a business situation.

They are primarily interested in the impact of decision making on internal and external societies of companies or other groups interested in doing business. Business ethics can be said to begin at the end of the law.

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