6 Ways To Make Your Startup More Energy-Efficient

Running a startup business can be expensive at first, especially that you need to invest in plenty of things. Apart from experimenting with how your product would be in the market, you also need extra space to work on your magic. With that, expect that it’ll be an added expense, which may decrease the money you get to keep in your pockets.  

Startup More Energy-Efficient

As you have your space for your startup, you may want to look for ways to make it energy-efficient. In this way, not only will you be reducing your electricity costs, but you can also help save the environment.

Moreover, listed below are the ways to make your startup more energy-efficient:

1. Consider Tension Fabric Buildings 

Tension fabric is getting more popular as it carries plenty of benefits, including its energy-saving feature. With its lightweight modular fabric structures, you can ensure to have a lower electricity bill since it has high resistance to thermal heat, eliminating the need to always turn on the AC as it won’t get extremely hot inside.

Moreover, tension fabric buildings aren’t cheap, especially with the energy efficiency and strength materials it features. However, it’ll be a one-time expense that can benefit you for a long time. In this way, you can reduce your monthly costs and make the most out of your sales.

2. Maximize Natural Light

You’d probably spend most of the time inside your office during the day. With that, you may want to use the sunlight to your advantage by maximizing natural light as much as you can. As you build your office, try to install wide windows; ideally, they should cover from floor to ceiling.  

As you install windows, try to look for ones with a thermal film, so you can eliminate the heat from coming inside. In this way, you don’t have to use your curtains in the morning and you’d allow the light to come in without the added heat.

3. Unplug Unused Devices

Inside your office, there’ll be plenty of things you won’t use altogether. While having your photocopier machine plugged in for the whole day can be convenient as you don’t have to wait for a few seconds to load, they can still emit energy, which can add a toll on your monthly bills.

Ideally, you should implement a rule wherein everyone should practice unplugging everything if they’re not in use. This includes extra computers, photocopier machines, coffee machines, and more. Even if the device isn’t running, there’s a thing called ‘phantom energy,’ wherein small bits of energy are still running. With that, you should unplug unused devices at all times. 

4. Use LED Bulbs

If you’re still using incandescent lights inside your startup office, you should consider switching to LED lights as they can significantly help save energy. With LED, you can save up to 75% on electricity consumption for your lights.  

Apart from bulbs and general lighting, you should switch to LED for all signages, including your company logo and exit signs. While they can be costlier at first, they’ll allow you to save on your bills, which can benefit you in the long run.  

5. Turn Off HVAC After Work Hours  

Some companies prefer to keep their HVAC systems on even after work hours, so they could arrive at the office with the optimal temperature. While that can be convenient, it can be an added expense to your electricity bill, which won’t benefit you at all.  

Before someone leaves the room at the end of the day, you should turn off the HVAC systems completely along with lights and other devices. Since no one will be at the office to use them, turning them off would be a smart idea. You can just simply switch them back on once you get back to the office.

6. Purchase Energy-Efficient Equipment 

For your office devices and supplies, you should purchase energy-efficient equipment that’s Energy Star-rated to ensure they consume less energy as much as possible. Since you’re using your devices daily to run your business, having an energy-efficient device would help lower your electricity bills dramatically.  

Moreover, there are plenty of products in the market that’s Energy Star-rated. In this way, you can still maximize your options and get the best equipment for your company without having to sacrifice your energy consumption.


Having a startup company is tricky as you need to balance everything, so you don’t drown yourself in debt. With that, you need to look for ways to minimize your expenses constantly, and you can begin with your workspace. In this way, you can continue to be productive without having to sacrifice your way of living entirely. While the equipment you’re going to use might be expensive at first, it’ll benefit you in the long run, making it an excellent investment.  

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