6 Popular and Lucrative Business Ideas for a Side Hustle in 2022

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If you are passionate about a steady income and a secure future, chances are that you know the importance of generating multiple income streams. On top of your current job or business, creating a few passive sources of income allows you to diversify your income portfolio.

With how unstable and challenging times are at the current date, investing your time, money, and skills in starting a lucrative business will pay off in the future.

Following are some of the best business ideas you can consider in 2022.

1. Start a Blog

It is hands down one of the biggest misconceptions that blogging is dead. That’s far from the truth. Statistical reports suggest that over 400 million people view nearly 20 billion blogs and web pages monthly. That’s a lot more than you think was possible. This goes to show that blogging isn’t a dead industry.

You need to introduce uniqueness to the subject, posts, and blog layout if you want to stand out. Ideally, we’d recommend leveraging professional creative platforms. Creative fabrica can be useful to decide the fonts, to choose SVGs and also logo templates, everything they need to create a new blog. They are like a gold mine for budding bloggers where you can download your fonts for free.

Access to their library of free digital resources, including logo templates and scalable vector graphics (SVGs), allows you to unleash the best of your creativity when it comes to creating a blog from scratch.

2. Start a car washing business

Starting a car wash business presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to establish a venture with steady demand and a clear path to profitability. The car wash industry, known for its resilience, often thrives even during economic downturns, as vehicle cleanliness is not just a matter of pride for owners, but also an essential part of vehicle maintenance.

The car wash industry is ripe for innovation, offering ample room for incorporating environmentally friendly practices like a water recycling system and the latest equipment, such as powerful car wash vacuums. Additionally, advancements in technology allow for more efficient service models, such as mobile car wash units and app-based booking systems, enhancing customer convenience and operational efficiency. With the right location, effective marketing, and a commitment to quality service, a car wash business can become a sustainable, profitable venture that serves the community and provides a stable income.

3. Become a Freelancer

Freelancing gigs are amazing because they offer a high chance at revenue generation without you needing to invest a lot of money initially. It is your skills that work as an investment. So, there’s no doubt that the freelancing industry is growing at an exponentially high rate.

Ideally, we’d recommend that you start a freelancing gig in the niche that your expertise is in. The last thing you want is to kickstart a side-hustle that doesn’t sustain. When you freelance in a niche that you are good at, it’s easier to network with the right people, grow your name in the industry, and acquire high-paying, long-term, sustainable clients.

4. Start a Thrift Store

This might seem unethical to some people, but it’s a business idea that has been around for decades. With people delving increasingly into retro and classic 80s and 90s fashion, it isn’t surprising that the demand for thrifted clothes is at an all-time high. Is the market already saturated?

We would say no because people constantly look for diversity in styles and design. There could be a popular store selling hundreds of pieces every day, but that doesn’t mean that your chances at growing your online thrift store would be futile. All you have to do is keep up with the trends and source clothes that people are actively looking for.

5. Start a Consulting Business

Did you know that some experts in the consultation business earn upwards of $400 per hour? That’s insane, right? We aren’t saying that you might earn that much right off the bat, but it is a lucrative and high-paying business model. You need to have advanced knowledge about the industry in which you want to start the consulting business.

So, your years of active experience in the business or industry matter. With a consulting business, the biggest hurdle is generating solid and sustainable leads. Instead of scouring in the wrong spots, head to a more professional set-up like LinkedIn. If that doesn’t work, you can take the route of cold-emailing business executives, brands, etc., to grow your network.

6. Flip and Sell Websites

Lastly is website flipping. This one can easily generate a steady income of $10,000 or more per website, depending on how popular and authoritative the website is. Your task is to find “cheaper” and “underperforming” websites and then work on them.

Improve the content, market the website, and spruce up the UI and UX to generate more traffic to the website. Once the profit starts kicking in at a steady stream, find potential buyers and sell it to them with a good profit.


Starting an online business in 2022 isn’t as complicated as you think. With the right resources and guidance, you can kickstart a project from scratch and start a high-paying side hustle. Which one of these options are you considering trying out?

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