5 Tips for Smoke Shops to Boost Sales 

As marijuana becomes less restricted, there are growing opportunities in the niche, with business booming. The industry continued to show healthy growth through the past few years. If anything, the lockdowns for COVID helped the industry but also saw a transition to more online sales. 

Despite there being thousands of smoke shops across the United States, many of them are not fully utilizing the power of marketing online to reach a wider audience and maximize sales. 

Recognizing the busy schedules of these shop owners, many of whom dedicate over 12 hours daily to their businesses, here’s a straightforward guide to assist these head shop entrepreneurs in boosting their sales.

Secure a Top Spot on Google 

If your smoke shop isn’t ranking in the top three results when someone searches for “smoke shops” or “head shops,” then you’re missing out. Those who find you are likely pedestrians or motorists passing by your store. People nowadays look online for smoking supplies, making SEO for head shops an essential strategy to attract ready-to-purchase customers.

While there is fierce competition for the top keywords like “smoke shops” or “head shops,” you can target longer tail keywords with your neighborhood, city, or local area to rank for those searching for smoke shops locally.

Enhance Customer Reviews

It might seem like common sense, but this is a critical method for drawing in more customers. Customer reviews greatly impact SEO, and it’s almost certain that when your shop ranks within the top five results for searches like “smoke shops,” customers will gravitate toward the one with the most positive reviews. Register with Google Business Services and request customers leave you a review. Register on other review sites such as Trustpilot. 

Focus on Instagram

Marketing through social media is incredibly important for this industry. Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter (now rebranded as X) are all helpful, but Instagram rules supreme within the cannabis and vape niche. At the very least, you need to be utilizing it daily. 

Instagram stories are an absolute must. You should be posting stories at least 3 or 4 times throughout the day. 

Stories are meant to be informal, fun snippets that are quick and easy to digest. Post a picture of some new glass bongs you got, snap one of your employees stocking the shelves – basically, just have fun with it. Focus on making interesting content intended for quick consumption.

Showcase Your Products and Store

Although it may be a challenging concept, showcasing your products is crucial. You don’t need to reveal prices, but displaying your merchandise is essential. 

E-commerce is transforming how we shop, and if customers can’t preview your offerings beforehand, you’re likely missing out on sales. Capture quality photos of your store setup, product displays, and new arrivals. These images will play a pivotal role in your Instagram strategy and website. 

Gather Emails and Run Campaigns 

Email marketing remains effective. It’s the second most potent channel after SEO for many of my clients. Your website should collect visitors’ email addresses. OptinMonster is a valuable tool for creating email opt-in popups that integrate seamlessly with your site. Upon sign-up, send automatic discounts or coupons for in-store use. While checking out, request customers’ emails. Use Mailchimp to input their information near your POS system. You can even categorize customers based on their purchases and tailor future campaigns accordingly.

Enhancing sales need not be daunting! Though I haven’t personally operated a brick-and-mortar smoke shop, my experience with numerous head shop owners has granted me insight into the industry’s intricacies and challenges. Addressing these challenges is simpler than it may seem, provided you’re open to embracing modern technology and trends. While e-commerce is transforming the landscape, a significant portion of consumers still prefer physically viewing and purchasing products on the same day. Let’s capitalize on this opportunity!