5 Tips for Building Business Credit for Veteran Entrepreneurs

Are you a veteran entrepreneur? How do you go about maximizing your funding potential? Once you enter into the business world after serving in the military. It comes in handy as the character traits you develop in service are essential in succeeding in entrepreneurship. The lack of capital and restricted access to loans can be a challenge in helping you to boost your businesses. Fortunately, there are many specialized loan programs offered that offer veteran based loans. So, ensure that you build a business credit score and not only your credit report to grow further in your business. In this article are tips for building business credit for veteran entrepreneurs. 

  1. Choose lenders wisely

There are many types of lenders you can choose from, from net 30 office supply companies to microfinance, among others. Depending on the lenders you choose, they play a large role in improving the business credit rating that you get. For instance, some vendors report to the credit agencies when you default in payment, but still, when you make prompt payments they do too. Hence, this becomes an advantage in boosting your credit scores. Where possible, make payments earlier. In the long run, they determine your business credit score. Also, choose wisely the lenders you want to work together with and the business suppliers too. Plus, confirm that they report your timely payments to boost your business credit. 

  1. Pay bills early
pay bills

Making early bill payments will help you build your business credit score. That means making sure you pay all your invoices on time. Where possible, pay ahead of time. Doing this will improve your business credit report making your business creditworthy. As a result, it will lead to a high credit limit, and you will get the best repayment terms. Therefore, where any creditors or vendors owe your business any amount of money, make timely payments to improve your credit score for your business. Also, can negotiate for better terms and rates when you pay on time. When credit bureaus have all this information, the score of your business credit goes high. Thus, pay your bills on time at all costs if you want to build your business credit as a veteran entrepreneur in business. 

  1. Work with different vendors 

Working with different suppliers can increase your credit rating if they report all payments that you make to them to the credit agencies. The lenders that you seek to extend credit to you, will access the credit report of your company. Thus it should stay up to date. Plus, working with many vendors gives you time to make your payments easily. To boost your credit rating, talk to the supplies you work with to forward all the payments you make to credit agencies. Not only will this improve your credit rating, but it will improve your credit score. 

  1. Work on your credit utilization ratio

How is your credit utilization ratio? Is it high or low? Understanding what your current credit utilization ratio means and how it affects your business is very important. A high credit utilization ratio is not a good show to your lenders. For they assume that the ability of your business to clear off debts is low and vice versa. Hence, to boost your credit rating, ensure that your credit utilization ratio is low and work on maintaining it at that ratio or below 30%. Once your business has a lower ratio, most lenders will extend credit to you as they do not foresee any risk of you not paying. 

  1. Be up to date with your business profile 

Errors or wrong information in your business credit reports will lead you to suffer. This has led to many veteran’s businesses seen as unreliable due to a low credit rating. Therefore, ensure that you verify and monitor that the business bureaus are up to date and accurate on matters of your business. In case you find any errors, request a quick correction and update to protect your credit rating. Correcting the errors will not only protect your rating but will improve your credit rating, and you can enjoy the many benefits of this to your business profile. 

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