5 Fun Hobbies to Help You Destress

Everybody needs a good hobby. It’s not just about becoming a more well-rounded person; hobbies can actually make it easier to deal with the stresses of life. For example, if you find that you bring a lot of the stresses of your work home with you, a fun and relaxing activity could help serve as a distraction and a way to help your mind and body unwind. So, in today’s post, we’re going to look at 5 fun hobbies to help you destress!

Creative Writing

Creative writing is an excellent way to put all of your stresses into written words — while also flexing your creative side! Though writing a memoir or a novel can be time-consuming, you don’t have to write with a specific goal in mind. It’s also important to note that, when you’re practicing creative writing as a hobby, you shouldn’t feel like your writing needs to meet a certain standard of “quality” or appeal to a given audience. You can just write and see where the words take you!

Restoration Projects

Whether you want to recreate the guest bedroom in your house or go on the hunt for classic car accessories, restoration projects make for a great part-time hobby. Why? Because they help give you a sense of accomplishment as you get closer to your end goal. Moreover, many restoration projects can help you turn something of little value into something extremely valuable! This doesn’t mean you have to use every restoration project as a possible investment opportunity — as this could potentially add unnecessary stress to your hobby. Instead, just allow each project to be a de-stressing way to progress toward your goal! 


Much like creative writing, painting is a hobby that takes practice. Unless you just happen to be a creative genius, you probably won’t be able to create great works of art on your first day. However, you shouldn’t let this deter you. Painting is a very therapeutic activity, so just sit back, take a sip of wine, and enjoy yourself!

Recreational Sports

If you enjoy more physically challenging activities, recreational sports make for a great hobby. Not only can they help keep you in shape, but most recreational sports encourage you to cooperate and compete with other people. This allows you to develop friendships and build a sense of fellowship with people who share your interests. Whether you want to play soccer on the weekends or join an informal tennis tournament, recreational sports can help you sweat your stress away!

Laser Engraving and Sign Making There is something relaxing about watching a laser engrave things into satisfying images on a variety of materials. You can engrave a piece of wood or the outside cover of your laptop with a permanent graphic that gives you pause. This can go a lot further when you boost your creativity. You can make signs to put around the house, outside, or even give to friends as gifts. The mere act of creating can be very distressing and tools like the Boss Laser can bring out your innovative self!


Finally, gardening is by far one of the most relaxing and mentally beneficial hobbies on this list. For years, therapists have recommended gardening for patients suffering from a wide range of issues, particularly anxiety and depression. There are various reasons that gardening works so well to help people destress, but some scientific evidence indicates that putting your hands in soil on a regular basis can help improve the overall health of your mind and body. Like restoration projects, gardening also helps you feel a constant sense of accomplishment as you watch your seedlings grow into beautiful plants!

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