5 Best Online Casino Games to Try in 2022

Players playing online gambling with cards.

Online gambling brings forth a lot of questions and queries in people’s minds. Is it safe? Which websites should I look into? What types of games should I indulge in? Websites like casino games & slots serve as a reminder of the best casino platforms that you should consider in 2022.

Instead of falling prey to cheaper promotions and free games, focus on gambling on registered websites with a good reputation and worth the time and money.

This article will explore some of the top casino games you should try indulging in 2022.


This is a staple online casino game that isn’t going out of fashion. Paired with the fantastic promotional bonuses and access to free slots, every beginner and advanced gambler tries their luck at slots. They have high RTP figures, which adds to the game’s popularity. Although the game is predominantly based on luck, we can’t deny that slots can bring you a decent win. Since they come with varying bet sizes per spin, it isn’t surprising that the game appeals to every gambler on the scene.


If you are just starting with an online casino, we highly recommend skipping the table games and going straight for Roulette. It’s simple, engaging, and won’t make you go bankrupt.  Over the years, several variations of Roulette have popped up on various online casino platforms; however, we’d recommend sticking to the OG version with the spinning wheel, with multiple numbers and colors ranging from black to red.


As we progress into the more advanced casino games, Baccarat might seem a little intimidating. The diverse availability of wagers in this game sets it apart from the other online casino games you come across. However, if the standard version intimidates you, we’d recommend looking into the smaller versions of the game to get yourself used to it.


Is there any online casino without Blackjack? This is one of the most popular casino games among advanced gamblers, mainly due to the strategies. It starts with a free hand that is responsible for placing the bet. Each remaining hand in the game has two cards, which they can choose to stand or hit. If you like live casino experience, blackjack is a game you will find in most live casino sections online.

Scratch cards

Let us end the list with another beginner-friendly casino game. It is an excellent alternative to the lotteries you find in real life. It is perfect for beginners who want to get used to online casinos without putting a large sum of their money at stake. It involves scratching the alternative strips in the card to reveal the big win.


With the precedence that online casinos are gaining globally, now is the best time to get yourself into the various games. We’d recommend starting with basic yet in-depth research about the platforms and the games before you put your money at stake. Start with the simpler ones like slots and scratch cards and gradually make your way to the tougher ones like baccarat and blackjack.

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