3 Ways to Effectively Relax on Your Day-Off

In an ever-competitive world and the practice of the hustle culture around, we are all working hard. Work or study can often get stressful every once in a while, and you can experience burnout. 

If your work essentially requires you to be buried into your computer all day, the burnout is mental, and when you’re mentally tired, no amount of coffee can help! 

Your mental health affects your entire being, and taking a day off for your mind to relax is the best way you can reward it and yourself. 

Here are 3 ways you can have a self-care day from home that is truly effective.

Identify tasks that stress you out

We understand that inevitably you have to perform certain tasks a day, and many more if you live by yourself. That being said, identifying tasks that cause you distress should be completely avoided on your self-care day.

This could include anything that mentally or physically drains you. If you hustle through the week and doing this a couple more times will get you to the point of satiation –  this would be exactly when you don’t perform many of those tasks. And we don’t just mean your work for your company or excessive studying. It could be anything like gymming, chores around the house, etc.;

Make a list of the tasks that you enjoy performing versus those that you don’t. Once identified, do the tasks that make you feel calm and relaxed. This will no longer make you feel like you’re performing a task; instead, it would be something that you will look forward to doing. 

Overall relaxation

Relaxation isn’t a one-part process. It requires a state of calm mentally, physically, and emotionally. Try to seek a state of calmness in all aspects of your being. 

Avoid any tasks or encounters that would compromise your peace in the three aspects mentioned above. There is a beautiful sense of peacefulness attained when there is quiet and peace around you. 

(i) Physically, your body is always tense, even when you don’t realize it. We are so used to the tension in our muscles that we often overlook it. Here are simple ways you can begin to relax your body. Start by resting your face and eyebrows, let your tongue relax, and not be strained, and roll back your shoulders. 

Do you see how much tension you were holding in just your face? 

To further relax your whole body, give yourself a massage or ask a family member, take a hot long bath, wear comfortable clothes, eat foods that you love and enjoy, listen to your favorite music – anything that makes you feel good and relaxed, take some time off to nap during the day or have a long duration of relaxing sleep at night. 

(ii) The best way to achieve mental relaxation is by avoiding tasks you simply don’t enjoy performing. There is a lot of mental strain when you force yourself to do something you dislike. 

To give your brain and mind cues of a calmer state, you have to make sure you’re in a calm state! This goes without saying, but the mind-body connection is quite real, and if your mind isn’t calm, your body can never attain that relaxation. 

Meditation is one of the best ways to attain a calmer state of mind. Practicing mindful breathing through meditation calms your body as well as helps you gain a clearer process of thought and mind. Trying to get your mind to be undisturbed could take some time since we often don’t recognize how occupied it is all the time. But you can aid your meditation with aromatherapy using candles, essential oils, or gemstones like black tourmaline stone

(iii) The easiest way you can emotionally feel restful is by watching a movie that makes you laugh. We have all heard the saying laughter is the best medicine, and for a reason! Laughing stimulates different organs in your body to function effectively – even if it is for a brief moment.

It is a great stress reliever and can easily soothe any mental tensions. Try avoiding anything that you know would bring a damper to your mood. 

Spend time in nature

We live in a world governed by technology and concrete buildings. They are obstructing us from seeing nature and what once used to be everywhere. 

There is an unexplainable sense of tranquility when you are one with nature. It goes without saying that a wonderful afternoon breeze, watching the sunrise or sunset, can sometimes give you a different perspective on life. 

Try taking a walk on the beach, sitting under a tree, listening to the birds chirping, looking up at a sky full of stars, or watching a serene location. Being one with nature improves your mood, clears your thoughts, gives you a sense of clarity, and much more – all of which is supported by a large body of studies. 

That is why destination vacation spots are based on their connection with nature. Whether it be a tropical vacation in Hawaii or swimming in the clear waters of the Bora-Bora islands, all of them help us connect with nature. 

This is because; nothing can truly bring a sense of serenity as nature does. 


Health is Wealth, and paying our health more attention is what we must all practice in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. A healthy mind and body can achieve the unattainable, and it is about time we cared for it just as much as it does for us. 

Some of us love the hustle culture and the rush we get from the lifestyle; however, anything that isn’t done in moderation can be bad for you. Be kind to yourself and show yourself the love, care, and pampering you truly deserve.