Archives for April 2021

Desiree Perez, Roc Nation CEO, Announces New Executive VP of Publishing

Desiree Perez, the CEO of Roc Nation, announced earlier this month that Andrew Gould would become the new Executive Vice President of the company’s publishing division. Gould, who received his MBA from Wharton College, will report directly to Desiree Perez. He will also work closely with Jay Brown, the Vice Chairman of Roc Nation. Prior […]

Smart Hiring Tips and Simplifying the Recruitment Process

The hiring process of a company is challenging. The employees of an establishment primarily affect the work output. It is necessary to be sure and wise while you begin your hiring process. The founder of a company depends on his/her employees to keep the operations running smoothly and maintain a working equilibrium that generates growth. […]

Ten Tips to Start a Mini-Business that you have not Come Across

How do I start a small-scale business? Will I manage to handle the business all by myself?  How do I ensure that my venture gives me back profit? If such questions cross your mind then here is an article to help you out. Through research, we have combined ten tips that will help you start […]

6 Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Finances

For most of us, there’s no shortcut to true financial independence. Even as early as college, most Americans start a life of debt and increasing pressure to finish school and find a decent job to settle student loans. Soon after, other financial responsibilities will come crawling out of the woodwork – rent, mortgage, credit card […]

How to Choose Your Storage Unit

Storage units can be incredibly helpful for a number of reasons. They offer an extra space to store your belongings, keeping them safe and secure. You can also rent storage units by the month, which provides you with a flexible option. There are many different elements to consider when choosing the best type of storage […]