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How do Startups Benefit from Technology Outsourcing?

Times we live in are very energizing for any new business. They are not bound by technological hindrances and can accomplish whatever they set their focus on. Anyway, challenges still remain. If you have an idea of how to bring it to fruition? What if you’re not a technologist yourself or don’t know the one […]

Online Commodities Trading: An Underappreciated Market

Anyone interested in commodities trading knows that it is not as popular in the public mindset as other, trendier, choices like stocks, bonds, indices, forex, and some others. However, it’s important to note that there are a couple of commodities that defy this traditional behavior pattern, namely crude oil and gold bullion. But, outside of […]

The Coronavirus Effect on Global Economy

2020 will remain an odd year because of Coronavirus’s impact over multiple industries across the globe. Covid-19 has affected the global economy, and therefore, many businesses have faced immense issues throughout the year. The article will focus on three major industries, Tourism, Business, and Gambling, and how Coronavirus has influenced specific changes in the respective […]

Guide To Presenting Yourself During A Video Conference

Conducting business in 2020 is next to impossible without having to attend at least a few video conference calls.  This is especially true considering the ongoing pandemic situation, which seems to have evolved into something that will have a permanent influence on the future of conducting business. By now, at least this much is clear […]

Top 3 Shark Tank Products

‘Shark Tank’ is the one-stop reality show for aspiring entrepreneurs who can pitch their businesses to the big shot investors, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Kevin O’ Leary and Barbara Corcoran. ‘Shark Tank’ is back with Season 11, and amidst the COVID crisis, Season 12 has resumed.  Here are the Top 3 products in […]