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How to Create the Story of Your Brand

The story of your brand is much more than the copy on your About page. The story of your brand encompasses every part of the content you produce, every product, every package, every font and colour you use. It is the essence of your company and its mission. That’s why it’s important to have a […]

Sacrifice: The keyword of any start-up

It is one of the most daunting periods of your life; the time when that guaranteed salary suddenly flies out of the window and your once-structured life no longer has a safety net. That’s right, today’s article is all about taking the self-employed plunge – and just what you might have to give up to […]

How Much is the CBD Industry Worth?

When the 2018 Farm Bill was signed, the CBD industry exploded. The act contained wording that effectively made the possession of any hemp product legal Since CBD is predominantly extracted from hemp, the CBD industry capitalized on this wording by getting out ahead of the story, declaring it a win for their products and then […]

Patent Litigation in Canada v. the United States: Top 10 Differences

Although the United States is no doubt a fertile ground for patent litigation—with approximately 4,000 patent lawsuits filed in its courts each year—patent owners are increasingly looking outside of its borders to enforce their patent rights. This shift is due, in part, to the recent issuance of various United States Supreme Court decisions that have […]

Why Invest in Real Estate? The Complete Guide – 2019

Real estate investing is the most powerful tool for building passive income and long-term wealth. You may have heard a speaker talk about this at a local investor club, heard some guru on the radio, or read a book or article on the topic of real estate investing. Or, you may know someone who is […]