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3 Major Currency Pairs and their Importance

The forex market is one that thrives on volatility, as its derivative nature means that investors can profit from currency trading even in a depreciating climate. This was borne out during the first financial quarter of 2018, as daily forex trading volumes rose by 28% year-on-year in March to achieve a record high. This was […]

Be Your Own Boss

On 11th April, 1910, a 27 year old club singer Gabrielle opened a tiny shop at 21, Rue Cambon, Paris. She wanted to sell hats. Orphaned at the age of 12, Gabrielle had been raised by nuns who taught her how to sew, a skill that lead to her life’s work. Three years later, she […]

6 Ideas for small businesses to monitor and maintain their reputation online

When it comes to business success and overall survival, reputation plays a vital role as it can be your most defining marketing asset. Sustaining your standing in the market is tricky, and therefore it is difficult to maintain a good reputation online. In this digital era, there is hardly any business that does not have […]

How to Know You’ve Hired the Right Person

Good hire or bad hire? You’ve done the hard work, you’ve made the decision and your shiny new hire has finally joined the team. Great, now what? So much is written about how to hire great people and what to look for when hiring. But that is merely the start of the journey. After the […]

Entrepreneurs: 5 Things About VCs That You Won’t Learn from Watching Shark Tank

Let’s start with this: ABC’s Shark Tank is a fantastic show, and there are some moments of real drama that mirror what actually happens across the world in corporate boardrooms each day. For example, if you don’t have a realistic valuation or a feasible business plan, then prepare to get shredded — presuming, of course, […]