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5 Reasons Landlords Refuse Pets in Rented Property

A huge 78% of pet owners have experienced difficulty in finding rented accommodation which accepts their furry friends. For many, it’s a huge obstacle and with a growing number of people having little choice but to rent well into their 30’s, the pressure on landlords to change their policies is stronger than ever. Research shows […]

How to Destress After a Hard Day at the Office

In the daily life of many entrepreneurs, there is the very real threat of becoming stressed – largely due to factors outside of our control. From inefficient suppliers to computer/equipment outages, and after those days where tough decisions and phone calls need to be made, many of us head home with a pounding headache and […]

Four Tips for Making an Impact at a Tradeshow

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur who is just wading into the business waters, or a seasoned entrepreneur who is fully immersed in running a company, tradeshows can be a crucial part of cultivating brand awareness and building strategic relationships. Tradeshows are competitive, and increasingly expensive. In order to get the most out of your tradeshow […]

Investment entrepreneur Freddie Achom talks Entrepreneurship, Blockchain and Rosemont Group Foundation

Meet Freddie Achom, the man behind the internationally renowned venture capitalist investment company, Rosemont Group. Describing himself as a “traditional” businessman, Freddie began his entrepreneurial career when he was 20. Taking inspiration from a varied list of mentors, from the likes of Muhammed Ali to Richard Branson. Freddie now focuses on tech investment, financial services, […]

What Should You Do When the Market is Flat?

Sooner or later every market turns flat, and it can feel strange not being able to find any good trading opportunities. In fact, many investors keep trying to find opportunities when the market is moving sideways, but that’s usually not advisable because a flat market can be unpredictable. However, it does not mean that there […]