Archives for March 2018

How to Look After Your Employees and Gain Their Loyalty

If you are going to keep your place in the market and grow your business, there are many things you need to think about, and one of these is how well you are looking after your employees. Achieving a good level of trust and loyalty is essential to ensuring your workers don’t get tempted away […]

How to Build a Great Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has been the focal point of many companies throughout the last couple of decades and has increasingly become a selling point for many new hires and for investors across different industries. However, getting corporate culture right isn’t always easy – changing the office layout to be more of an “open-concept” style, for instance, […]

Do You Need to Update Your Address With the IRS? Why?

The short answer is yes. Updating your address with the IRS ensures that you receive all important communication. Tax mistakes happen. If you owe money and the IRS has no valid address to send correspondence to you, you’ll likely end up owing fines on top of the taxes. Even if you never owe the IRS […]

The Law of Lateness – Why Paying Your Employees On Time is Vital to Your Success

It’s imperative for companies to think longer and harder about employee satisfaction. Technology allows businesses to be much more efficient and comprehensive when it comes to taking care of employees. Employees shouldn’t be treated as extensions of their boss, or the company, but as valued individuals who make the company what it is. Depending on […]

Bill Michelon’s Top 6 Resources For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Bill Michelon is a prominent businessman with many years of experience in the digital media buying field. He is committed to formulating innovative strategies that help companies realize their digital marketing objectives. It comes as no surprise that many companies rely on his services to boost sales. Bill understands the dynamics of the highly competitive […]