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What Changes Took Effect Last Year In Immigration Law That You Might Not Know About?

Many changes to immigration law have been initiated since Donald Trump took office in 2017. Not everyone understands what the new laws are, how the changes might ultimately affect their ability to stay on US soil, or under what conditions they can be forced to leave or be deported. According to immigration lawyers, although the […]

What The Layperson Needs To Know About Administrative Law

Most people know what auto accident and personal injury laws are, but administrative law is a bit more abstract and not something that the average person might think about or understand. Administrative law is how government agencies operate and create, enforce, and regulate laws that affect the general population. Unlike other types of law, administrative […]

Four Ways to Decide If a Company Car is Right for Your Business

When your business is just starting out, you are focused on the essentials required to run the company. However, once things have settled a little, you begin to realize that there is more that you can add to your organization’s collection. One of these things might be a company car – after all, some of […]

Two Designers Launch Insurance Startup for Entrepreneurs

Hannah Sullivan and Jade Sullivan recently launched an online commercial insurance agency for small businesses. Whether you’re a startup, freelancer, entrepreneur, small business owner, or anything in between, Pogo Insurance can help protect your endeavors. How? Pogo compares insurance quotes from over 30 top commercial insurance providers to find its customers the right insurance plan […]

6 Radical Ways to Change Your Business Model in 2018

Companies wanting to succeed in a competitive market must continually look for ways to improve their business. This can ensure you continue to surpass your customers’ expectations year-after-year, which will allow your enterprise to flourish. Check out the six radical ways to change your business model in 2018 and beyond. Update Your Technologies Innovation is […]