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How to Produce Content that Doubles Your Sale?

What are you seeing right now? Content. What were you seeing before? Content. What were scrolling down on the Facebook feed? Content. What were you scrutinizing closely earlier? Blog, review, article, basically content. So you get the idea that content is the main ingredient of all online forums. Hence a lot of efforts is put […]

3 Business Vulnerabilities Thieves Target and How to Protect Them

The odds are that your company will be targeted by thieves, if it hasn’t already. Nearly one in ten small businesses were victims of burglary or theft in 2016. Furthermore, companies of all sizes are potential victims of embezzlement, a Hiscox study found, with 55 percent of embezzlement cases hitting companies with fewer than 100 employees. Meanwhile […]

3 Strategies to Achieve a 360-Degree View of Your Customer Data

For good or bad, companies are collecting more data than ever about their customers. But it’s often not being put to good use, mainly because this information doesn’t tend to be integrated into a manageable format. In fact, one-third of all call centers force customers to repeat the same information to live agents on multiple […]

Best Facebook Groups for Finding the Best Deals and Coupons

Finding the best deal on an item is almost like a game. A true bargain hunter knows that wonderful feeling of finding a great item that has been discounted. There’s no better spot to find deals on items while networking with other coupon hunters than in a Facebook group. Some of these groups are public, […]

Feeling Sluggish Working from Home? Here are Some Tips to Achieve a More Productive Routine

One of the most amazing components of the internet is the accessibility. Because of the internet and technology, a person can easily complete a full day’s work from the comfort of their own home. In most cases, a reliable laptop and WiFi connection are the only things needed to make things happen. However, most people […]