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5 New Innovations Tradies Should Be Using To Improve Business

Regardless of being a plumber or an electrician you need innovation to survive in a business. When tech trends are rapidly changing, as a tradie, you need to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of some of these trends that can help you stay ahead of the rest. Technology today may be vast and […]

Areas Of Growth For Bitcoin

With the exception of a few recent dips that corrected quickly, Bitcoin has had an exceptionally strong year in 2017. The price has surged to all-time highs on several different occasions, and some are starting to suggest that it’s only just the beginning. Perhaps most outlandishly, one analyst who predicted strong growth this year said […]

4 Steps to Get Started as a Solopreneur

Solopreneurs now represent one-third of the American workforce, according to MBO Partners’ latest State of Independence in America report. The number of Americans who work as freelancers, full-time consultants or gig workers has now reached 41 million, passing a threshold previously not expected to be reached until 2019. Desire for independence, layoffs and wage stagnation […]

10 Growth Hacks That SaaS Startups Need To Succeed

Jessica Jackley, the co-founder of Profounder defined entrepreneurship as “the pursuit of opportunities regardless of resources currently controlled”. Talking about growth hacks, I’m sure you saw a great opportunity in your chosen software as a service vertical. And I’m also sure that you are quite passionate about pursuing it. But my question is—must you depend […]


People in different regions of the world have different ways of living. Not earning a living but how they actually complete everyday activities. But somehow people that earn a living doing certain things become prone to certain lifestyles. It is easier for an employee at a tech firm, even though not working in the technical […]