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Why You Should Give Sports Betting a Try

Do you have a favorite sport or activity that you like to watch from time to time? Or are you a more involved fan who tries to make it to as many games or matches or possible. If either of these describe you well, then perhaps it is time to take up your pastime a […]

The New Age War of Independence and Controlled Loneliness

In this era of mobiles and laptop sets, we are used to sitting alone in a room, trying to find company in the virtual world. Our happiness depends on someone else’s moods and actions. We live in the age of exhaustion, we wake up tired, we meet up at expensive restaurants only to discuss how […]

How to Stand Out from Your Restaurant Rivals

The hospitality sector can be rife with competition, with both direct and indirect rivals fighting for customers. However, there are ways you can stand out from your industry competitors to become the go-to restaurant in your city. Know the Market If you are an Italian restaurant, your direct competitor will be another Italian restaurant, whilst […]

4 Data Mistakes You Make Every Day

You probably will not realise the importance of your company’s data until it suffers a breach or you lose valuable information. With more businesses generating more data than ever before, it has never been more essential to protect your data at every opportunity, which means recognizing the daily mistakes so many businesses are guilty of […]

How Starting a Business Later in Life Made Me A Better Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial bug hit me early.  The first time I got that rush of excitement takes me back to selling gum for the cub scouts door to door.  I realized then that I wanted to be number one, and remembered that feeling of pleasure when a sale was made. Fast forward to high school selling […]