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The Top Methods of Getting Your Business Content Created

When it comes down to growing your online website, content is key. In order to catch the attention of a wide audience, your business will need to post creative and engaging content. However, these days, your content writing involves more than just posting a daily blog post every day. Today, it is imperative to have […]

5 Signs that Your Business Will Lose Money Soon

All businesses start with a lot of excitement and expectation on the part of the owner and partners. However, it’s not feasible to depend on hopes and speculation on the long run. A good number of startups and small businesses do fail. This is not necessarily because the idea begging the business is bad, but […]

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

In his commencement speech at the Stanford University, in 2005, he told three stories of his life- one about connecting dots, one about love and loss and the last about death. He spoke about how his biological mother wanted him to go to college, but couldn’t sustain and dropped out. He spoke about how he […]

Why You Need Protection against Targeted Attacks

You may have already checked put up firewalls, installed anti-virus software, and fended off malware. However, there’s one particularly dangerous type of breach that you need to watch out for: targeted attacks. These attacks are so bad that they could spell the end for your company due to the massive damages you would have to […]

The Beginning of App Domination

When Google launched their revolutionary app indexing facility in 2013 it marked a key moment in time for the future of how apps will be used by businesses. Google App Indexing basically makes it possible to click on any of the listings in Google’s search results directly into apps on Android and iOS smartphones and […]