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9 Tips on How to Launch a Successful Startup in 2016

Do you know how many US adults become entrepreneurs only in the last year? The Kauffman index shows that: Over half a million adults (0.31% of the adult population in America) started a new business in 2015. If this is the statistics of one country, imagine the number of young entrepreneurs around the globe. This […]

The Secret Behind Google’s Success: Case study on Google Business Model Based on Business Model Canvas

Have you ever wondered about the secret behind Google’s huge success? Let me tell you what it is. It’s all about the business model. In this article I will walk you through Google’s business model and its patterns that made google not only an amazing company but an industry influencer that’s difficult to compete with, […]

Avoid the Bad and Embrace the Good: What You Need to Know About Debt

Debt is inevitable in business. Some forms of debt are bad whereas others are good for your bottom line. There are even some billionaire mogul business strategies that rely solely on leveraging debt and transferring it from one asset to another. When it’s not managed, debt can cripple a business, so understanding your company’s debt […]

How Cybercrime Affects Businesses

Every day, the internet grows a little bigger. Every day, new numbers emerge in cybercrime, a trend that is sweeping the entire world. There are millions of great things to do with the internet. But with the good, as always, there is bad. Anyone who has a connection to the internet is exposed to the […]

Business Trips: How to Plan and Execute your Next Adventure

When it comes to business trips, planning is an essential ingredient for success. Between preparing adequately, choosing the right mode of transportation and utilizing time as best as possible, it can be difficult to make sure everything is covered. Fortunately, there are a few easy tips to remember to make the most out of your […]