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What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Things can and do go wrong in business. People make mistakes, and when they do, their company needs to be safeguarded against the issues that arise as a result. Professional liability insurance is there to help compensate businesses when problems occur, saving them from potentially having to pay out millions. As an example, an accountant […]

Growing Your Business in London? Sorry there’s not Enough Room

In an article for Rob Kerry, founder of Made Contact, pointed out a very real problem for London’s entrepreneurs – sorry, there aren’t enough rooms. The Set Up   Old Street, the Google/Government funded centre of new technology start-ups (aka Silicon Roundabout), has an abundance of great initiatives to cultivate new ideas, including a […]

3 Tips to Take Your Online Business to the Next Level

You’ve got your online business off the ground. You’ve created many products such as eBooks, courses, and training manuals. You’ve got hundreds of loyal customers and your online business is now paying your bills. There’s only one, small little problem: you’ve a hit plateau. Up until the last few months your business has been climbing […]