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Lifestyle: Working From Home – The Facts

Most of us would long to be able to work from home. There are plenty of benefits in telecommuting beyond being able to attend to your daily rounds of email tennis whilst still wearing your pyjamas. A recent survey from showed that in the US: The reduction in greenhouse gasses because of the amount […]

How Start-Up Accelerators Could Redefine Entrepreneurship

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit but lack the essentials needed to start your own business, then a start-up accelerator is just the thing for you. Start-up accelerators are redefining the way entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running by offering different levels of support and unique mentorship. When you’re ready to get your business […]

Review: BeanCruncher.Com was an online accounting software aiming to give its customers the most flexibility in the crowded cloud book-keeping business. It promised an impressive set of features but the execution sadly could use some improvement.  Accessibility was the first area where the flexibility of shined. Customers could access on any devices that had […]

Guide to Business Loans: How to Prepare and Get Approved

Choosing the right business loan is leverage to grow your company in a time and cost efficient way. Many entrepreneurs lack the liquidity to pounce on time sensitive opportunities, such as acquisitions or bulk supplier discounts. A business line of credit is readily available capital to earn money or cut costs, in these ways. A […] Review

The tag line for was “Beautiful accounting software”. True to their words, the website was a pleasant shade of blue and more importantly, Xero was organized, easy to navigate, and offering a thoughtful list of features. There are five main sections on Dashboard, Accounts, Reports, Contacts, and Settings. Except for the Dashboard, all […]