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Review: Kashoo Simple Cloud Accounting is a powerful online book-keeping service targeting advance users. It requires relatively steep learning curve and initial time investment to set up. Before starting using any service, the first thing I looked for was how much I would be paying if I decided I liked it. Finding out how much Kashoo costs was no […]

My Advice to New Entrepreneurs

Over the past couple of years I’ve worked hard to build my own business. It hasn’t always been easy and there have definitely been times when I’ve thought of quitting, but I didn’t. Every time I hit a rough patch I’d push through and my online business would grow a little bit stronger. I’ve learned […]

What Aspects of Your Business Should You Outsource?

As a business owner you have a never ending to do list. And as your business grows you’ll need some help managing everything. While you could hire and train employees, there are some tasks that you may just want to outsource to independent contractors. Here are common business tasks that you can outsource. Marketing Marketing is […]

3 Traits of Successful Business Owners

Eighty percent of entrepreneurs fail within the first year and a half of starting their business. That’s a shocking number. Many people are born with an entrepreneurial spirit but when it comes to running a business they fall flat on their faces. There’s no wonder why: running a business is hard work. You have to […]

5 Low Cost Advertising Ideas for Your Small Business

When it comes to maintaining a successful business advertising plays a large role. And since most startup businesses have small advertising budgets it’s important to make your dollars stretch. Here are five low cost advertising ideas you can use for your business. Social Media When done right social media is a great way to attract […]