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How To Setup a Professional Email Address with Gmail and Your .com Address

When you run a business, putting your most professional image forward is very important for building relationships and improving your reputation. If you already own a .com, .org, or, .net website address, you can do everything below for free.   Before You Get Started CPanel is the most popular web hosting management interface available, so […]

Everything You Think About Being An Entrepreneur is Wrong

How do you become an entrepreneur? A lot of the books and blogs out there say, “Dream big, follow your passion, and surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.” Some good that will do you when the bills pile up, profits flat line, and you can’t pay any of the smart people you […]

Balancing Blogging, Work, and Life

Blogging takes a lot of work, and often, at the beginning, it comes with very little reward. Often lately, I’ve gotten frustrated with just how much work I put into my blog, something that for the time being (until I put more effort into making money into it) has been a lot of effort for […]

4 Business Lessons from Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA5 came out this month, and it is an incredible game. Aside from the guns, strippers, drug dealers, fast cars, explosions, and other wholesome American fun activities, the game is full of great lessons for small business owners. Here are a few that I found.   Businesses Create Residual Income Once you make it into […]